Winning Eleven '97 Strategy Guide

Offense controls
TriangleCentering (cross)
CircleLong pass
XShort pass
R1Dash (run fast)
L1Change player
R2 or L2Ball curve (after touch)
Defense controls
SquareSliding tackle (seems very difficult to achieve without fouling)
TriangleKeeper button (brings the keeper out - important to use this)
CircleClear (when defending corners and crosses keep pressing this and Square)
XPress (normal tackle - keep pressing this when close to opposing players)
L1Change player
R2 or L2Press (normal tackle)

The first table is the overall standings; the columns in order from left to right are:

Points (3 for win, 1 for draw and subsequent loss, 0 for loss)
Games Won
Games Lost
Goals For
Goals Against
Goal Difference
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

Next are graphs showing the teams' performances week by week.

The third table shows fixtures played (white = win, gray = loss).

The last table is the leading individual goal scorer's chart. The columns are:

Goals Scored
Shots At Goal
Ratio Goals To Shots %

On the formation screen, use L1 or R1 to scroll through formations that you can see graphically on the pitch screen. Use L2 or R2 to scroll through the tactics, which include: No Special Tactics, Offside Trap, Overlap, Counterattack, Pressing, Side Attack (flank attack), and three others.

Triangle will turn the tactics on or off.

The third camera option is the easiest to play.

The in-game options in order are: Game Resume, Formation (for substitutions, etc.), Camera Angle, Photos, Radar, Sound, Quit Game.

You can turn off the commentary with the last option within the second to last option when you pause game and choose REAL CONDITION OFF.

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