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102 Dalmatians: Puppies To The Rescue Review

By: Brother Doe

I can't say enough about how appealing this game will be to youngsters. In the tradition of the 101 Dalmatians movie and cartoon, this is an action-based adventure that is loads of fun with fantastic characters and above average attention to detail.


As Domino and Oddball, two of the 102 Dalmatians, it's your duty to free the other Dalmatians from Cruella De Vil, the evil wealthy witch woman with the Frankenstein bride inspired hair. Glenn Close played Cruella in the movie version and I have to tell you she never looked hotter. But that's not saying much. I've seen truck drivers that are prettier that her. The dogs are trapped within the 20 levels and as you rescue them, you collect items such as bones and stickers to unlock a variety of secrets.

The game is designed to allow younger kids to have a go at it without alienating older players. The levels look great in 3D and primary cartoon colors but are simple in design and offer a lot of area for exploration without having hordes of zombies attack from unseen corners of the room. Parents wanting a good, clean game for their children will not be disappointed. If you 're still looking for that magic electronically-generated baby sitter that will keep your child entertained in his or her own little world for a few hours, this is as close as science has come so far. Because it's interactive you won't have to worry about them growing up and imitating Mork in the schoolyard like those nerds who were weaned on TV did so many years ago.

Playing 102 Dalmatians is like being transformed into a cartoon character. All the puppies and the other characters you encounter all have really well done voice-overs that reveal the story as you go. You really want to get to that next level to see what's going to happen next. A series of min-games are presented ala Mario Party which means that they are not difficult but they are fun and addicting in a Space Invaders kind of way. The mini-games have to be unlocked with the items that you discover along your journey. The mini-games are not part of the main game.

I think that even hardcore gamers wouldn't mind taking a trip through this game just for the fun of it. Everyone should be able to appreciate a well-developed game regardless of what genre they themselves are interested in. Granted this game will not win any awards for innovation, the graphics are not exceptional and the premise is not original but it does offer you the ability to immerse yourself in a world that is classic Disney.

A great game for kids, beginner gamers and adults with Ned Flanders' type personalities. The story is cute without being sickening and that goes a long way in my books. Overall the game is not as challenging as it is enthralling. The controls couldn't be easier to use and the story is straightforward enough that even grandpa can understand it. I would expect with so many interactive characters, items to search for and the mini-games, there will be a lot of replay value to this game. A good investment for the right player.






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