Azure Dreams Review

By: Ryan Miller

Azure Dreams is a new style of RPG with a flexible storyline which combines the best elements of Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and Final Fantasy VII into one game.


Azure Dreams is a new type of role-playing game that is unlike any other seen to date. It has an unimaginable replay ability and numerous types of side-quests offered. Aside from the main quest of reaching the top floor, there is the mystery of the hero's father's disappearance to discover, a host of young girls to woo, hordes of monsters to tame, and a dull town to develop. It is your goal to progress further and further into the unexplored regions of the tower, so that these events can take place, and so that you can provide for your family and increase the fame of yourself and your town. All that stands in your way are the hazardous 40 floors of the tower and its evil denizens. It is your goal to overcome these obstacles and reach the top floor that holds the ultimate mystery.

The graphics for Azure Dreams while your in town aren't quite good (horrible actually) The only real good graphics are in the CGs, the pictures of the monsters in the tower, and the pictures of the main characters when you are talking to them. What the game really lacked at times, was the graphics of the characters in the town. The people were way out of proportion! All of the girls had bodies to small and skinny for their heads (we're talking Ethiopians here) Their heads were also too big and they had a different type of head than the one on their actual pic, I mean come on, it's anime but come on, even that has limits. And the men of the town had real skinny legs, too big feet, and huge bellies! This is another thing that you tolerate over time. The cinemas were pretty good, but very short and very few. The totally polygonal environments (i.e. the town and tower), were done very well.

The animation was fairly well done, it was very smooth and the characters moved fine. The actual people and characters and monsters were not polygonal, but were animated very well. The control of the game was true to life. For example, you run, you stop: you don't just suddenly stop, the character bends forward due to Newton's law.

The control of the game was very comfortable, and you could tell they spent time making the controls feel just right, something Konami is renowned for. Since this game was made just before the analog control pad was released, it does not support it :(. The L/R change angle buttons are my absolute favorite angle changers.

The music from the game was very well suited and the town music actually changes (adds 1 or 2 new instruments) as the town expands or how one of the characters named Nico in the game say "Gains Culture". The music also progressed in the monster tower; as you went up floors the music changed and got more aggressive (just listen to the monster den music). Sound FX were great, they had different sounds for each element/type of attack.

The game takes 3 blocks to save, that is really bad for RPG fans, because memory card space is precious. Also the main character is a complete and utter moron in terms of looks and act. I also have a feeling that this game was originally rated Teen, but changed to E (everyone) once it was translated, because of the age group that plays video games, and the beginning of the game having a kind of childish quality to it. Also, the happenings within the town (i.e. the encounters and mishaps with the girls) were way too short.

In conclusion, I believe that the game itself rocked. The concept was pure genius and no one has ever dared to make an RPG like this one, but Konami went ahead and did. I suggest a purchase of this game rather than a rental, because this game is addictive and makes you want to play it to the end. Also a neat (well not really) part of this game was the fact that after you have beaten it, they give you the option to keep playing.






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