Blade Review

By: John Doe

Do you recall the film, Blade which started Wesley Snipes as a "good" vampire who is on a mission to destroy all the "bad" undead? Or perhaps you remember the comic book where the character of Blade originated. Well you can forget the video game Blade. Sometimes "good" ideas turn out to be really "bad" ideas. Such is the case here. This game should have a stake driven through its circular center and buried in an unmarked grave - immediately.


As Blade, the vampire killer, it's your mission to destroy all vampires, zombies and possessed people that you encounter. With the assistance of your pal Whistler, you are obligated to eradicate your quarry with hand-to-hand-combat, grenades, an assortment of guns, and that most specialized of instruments: the Samurai sword which is the inspiration for Blade's name. You will have to constantly switch between the guns and sword as the vampires are best killed with the sword and the zombies are best sent to hell with a blast of lead.

The fundamental problem with this game is that it's too complicated in its processing demands for the PSX. This game might have stood a chance if it was developed for the PS2 or Dreamcast. As a third-person action game, it requires a high level of detail and with lots of large levels, that translates into eating up lots of processing power. What we get here are dark, dreary, foggy environments designed to cover up the lack of artfully rendered graphics. Sometimes the enemies are imperceptible until they have already killed you. That's not only unfair but it's certainly contributed to my escalating blood pressure levels.

I would throw this game on the same sacrificial altar as Batman Beyond. If only these CDs were rewritable than it wouldn't be a total loss. I could download inspirational poems off the net and give the CDs to the Salvation Army who could then in turn make copies onto floppies to give to the less fortunate who have laptops or CPUs without CD ROM drives. That's me, always thinking about those less fortunate.

Leave this game in direct sunlight and pray to the good Lord that it may melt, warp or turn to ashes so that no other hapless victim may fall prey to its allure. If you see this game lying on the street, don't take it home. Remember that evil has to be invited to cross the threshold of one's dwelling. Even an exorcist will be of no use to you should this package find its way into your home. Just forget you ever heard about it, never speak its name and make the sign of the cross should it ever come up in conversation. May God be with us all. And shame on Activision for releasing this hellhound. Spider-Man this ain't.






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