Civilization 2 Review

By: Ryan Miller

Civilization 2 is a large and well planned out game, and I could easily tell that there was a lot of work put into it by Microprose. Civilization II is very time consuming to learn as it is to play. Once you learn how to play however the game can be quite fun and challenging.


Civilization 2 is very well planned out and has very few if any flaws. It is truly an interactive experience for the popular game player. Your role as a King/Pharaoh whatever is very similar to how I imagine it would be, you must be quick to act, as you plan strategic alliances with your comrades to destroy the enemy. You must manage your cities down to the last person, making sure the city has enough resources to produce a certain amount of food, and keep the villagers happy, preventing civil disorder and use of martial law. You receive a huge variation of arsenal through the game, including Stealth Bombers, Paratroopers, Nuclear Warheads and much much more. The more you know how to play this game the more fun it is. This game is easily one of the best strategy games I have experienced and it is a favorite of many others.

The graphics of this game were very flat and blasť, but they got the message across. The graphics seemed to represent what they were very effectively and worked out well. If you really want good graphics I suggest getting it for the PC. The way the map is displayed is similar to the one of SimCity 2000, revolving around units, a lot of squares. This game also has a very nice addition to it, called the High Counsel. In this section, you can talk to the 5 ministers (Military, Sciences, Trade, Foreign, and the Elvis impersonator Domestic). They will say different things in streaming video depending on how well your Civilization is doing in certain areas, and what era it is. The appearance of the 5 change from day one when they are Cave Men, to the 500's, when they are medieval, to the 1900's, when they are modern. The Domestic advisor looks more like Elvis every day... And the last video effect in this game is for, the wonders of the world! For each wonder of the world successfully completed you will have the opportunity to view a streaming live video about it, and keep in mind, that there aren't just seven wonders, there are over 30.

There isn't much to say about the animation of the game, because nothing moved, they just hovered from unit to unit. The only animation I saw in the game itself was when you launch a nuclear warhead, you see a large explosion, a doomsday siren sounds, and kaboom, say goodbye to everything in the general vicinity of the town/enemy unit. The animation of the FMVs was very well done, seeing as everything moved fluidly.

The music could be better, and could be more plentiful seeing as there were only 4 songs. Everyone seems to have their own favorite song of the four and everyone also has their most disliked of the four. The music was good enough though, there seemed to be a problem, after playing for around an hour or so, an annoying tone begins to sound for some strange reason, my best guess would be an unspotted bug. The sound FX were very good, there was great sound effects for all the attacking units, and the High Counsel had great actors and you can spot a bit of an accent in everyone throughout the game.

The game was very well done, and I don't seem to have any complaints, this was a great piece of work and I see why it says 'The Ultimate Version of The Best Selling Strategy Game' on the cover.

In conclusion this game is very well done and good to play, I suggest a purchase of it due to the time consuming and replay value of it. In short, I love this game!






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