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Dinosaur Review

By: John Doe

Hey, does the title of this game refer to the movie or the fact that this game looks like it was created in the Jurassic era? Okay, I'm being cheeky, but really, this game is as big of a dud as the license it's based on. If you wish to read further, then that's fine, as it helps ensure my pay check every month. However, just know that the message is the same throughout the entire review: Games like Dinosaur should be extinct. Yup, you guessed it; I'm being cheeky again.


The graphics in Dinosaur really fail to impress. The textures in the game are just brutal, and everything just looks like it was severely rushed. Compared to the absolutely gorgeous movie, which had amazing computer rendered animation that was even better then Toy Story, this game looks like utter crap. The backgrounds, characters and enemies all look terrible, and the only part of the graphics that actually looks like the developers put work into is the cutscenes. The animation used looks extremely choppy and unrealistic, and all around very poorly done. Even the levels look very boring, each looking very similar. The one saving grace is that the overhead camera angle used in the game obscures most of the graphics, so you thankfully don't have to be subjected to them all the time!

The music in the game is inconsistent; in many of the stages the music is extremely generic and very boring, and in others it actually comes on the verge of being well done, though still a little bit boring. The sound effects and voice acting are actually pretty well done, with the exception on the voice for Fila. Fila didn't appear in the actual Dinosaur movie, so she was just slapped on to this title, and it shows, because whereas the other characters sound very much like they do in the movie (and Disney is very well recognized for having excellent voice acting), Fila wasn't in the movie, and sounds like she was done by a very bored, inexperienced voice actress who didn't know what she was doing. The other characters get annoying occasionally, simply because of the sheer repetition of phrases, but Fila takes it way too far, and gets annoying the second she opens her mouth. Why she had to be inserted into this game I don't know, but either way she's a major pain in the ass.

In terms of the gameplay, the objectives you must achieve in order to beat the game's eleven levels are often very abstract and nonsensical. Even seemingly simple objectives are often frustrating to complete since each of your characters die after only a few hits, and some enemies can take 10, 20, or even 50 hits to kill! You use each of the dinosaurs, Zini, Aladar, and Fila, in levels, and control each one at different times based on each of there strengths and weaknesses, judging who is the best suited for the objectives. Each character has a special ability which aids him/her on his quest, such as Fila's ability to hold a stick in her beak and cause more damage to enemies and take less damage herself. In turn, they each have weaknesses, such as Zini's inability to go in water. Throughout the levels you will also find power-ups, extra lives and such to help you out. Unfortunately, each of the levels is frustrating, boring, and all around not much fun. Once again a game based on a movie is just a lame title disguised to look cool with good marketing. Don't believe it!

In closing, please please please stay away from this game! Don't rent it, and certainly don't buy it. For all the action/adventure games out there for the PlayStation, this is probably one of the worst. Stay away!






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