Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Review

By: John Doe

The first thing Acclaim and Z-Axis needs to do is thank Neversoft for creating Tony Hawk. With that in mind though, Dave Mirra's game still kicks and is a blast to play. Once again, the game is aimed at a niche market like Tony Hawk was, but the gameplay is there to ensure that even people who have never been on a BMX or wore a pair of Van's will enjoy this one.


The graphics in Dave Mirra are definitely very well done. There is a wide range of colors used in the game, and every one of the levels all look very different from one another in a multitude of ways. The textures are very well done on the backgrounds, making plants, trees, and buildings look very realistic. The camera in the game follows the action very well, and makes sure you have a good view of what's going on. What's also cool is that all of the bikers can change there look once you get a new sponsor, so you can make them all look quite unique if you so choose. The only complaint I have in the graphics department is that there is a tad bit of slowdown sometimes, but usually it's rather minor, so it doesn't interfere that much with the game. Overall, the graphics are very well done.

One of the coolest things Dave Mirra's got going for it is the sound effects and music. The sound effects all have the right level of "Oomph" to them, and sound very crisp to the ears. And the music is awesome! Like in Tony Hawk, a large selection of real, great bands are used, and each track used really kicks the action onscreen into overdrive. The bands used in the game range from pop-punk and hardcore to hip-hop and metal and really add to the game. The bands include Deftones, Sublime, Social Distortion, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, 59 Times The Pain, Swingin' Utters and Cypress Hill, and they all really kick you in the teeth! The bands are a perfect fit for this title, as they are an action packed soundtrack for an action packed game!

This title has a wide range of bikers, locations, options, and modes to choose from, which definitely makes things interesting and varied. Many of the current leaders in BMX competitions are in the game, including Dave Mirra himself, Joey Garcia, Leigh Ramsdell, Shaun Butler, Kenan Harkin, Tim Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Troy McMurray, Chad Kargy, and Mike Laird, and there are even more characters to find once you unlock them. Each of the characters have basically the same core set of moves, but each has two unique moves, which are usually pretty crazy. For example, Tim Mirra has an absolutely insane triple backflip. But though each biker has the same core set of tricks, there is a huge possible amount of tricks that can be executed, 1,300 in fact, because of combinations that can be executed.

Other than the occasional slowdown experienced, the game is very fast and smooth. The gameplay is very exciting and action-packed, and gets harder and harder as you progress through the 12 locations in the game. Things start off relatively simple, but really get kicked up a notch as you go on. There's quite a few secrets to unlock in the game, which provides good replay value, and makes things more interesting.

Overall, you'll find a lot of things to like in this title, and if extreme sport games are you're bag, this game is definitely for you! I would recommend renting it first before you buy to see if its for you, and if it is your type of game, you'll have a blast!






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