Final Fantasy 7 Review

By: John Doe

Game: Final Fantasy VII
System: PlayStation
Price: $74.95 (Canadian)
Developer: Squaresoft
Publisher: SCEA
Release: 09/97

This is the RPG, that fans have been waiting for. A gigantic quest that spans tons of miles and 3 CDís! Offering up a deep political shoreline with phenomenal graphics, FFVII is sure to keep any fan of traditional RPGís in love for many hours. Is it the giant leap beyond anything youíve played before? I didnít think so...

If you havenít played this game yet you have no idea what you are missing! This is touted as the best RPG of all times! Havenít you heard that this game is the reason you should own a PlayStation? Over 80 hours of gameplay spanning over 3 CDís!! Well, what do I think of this Role Playing Masterpiece? I think it bored the shit out of me, thatís what. And before you jump all over me because you think I don't like RPG's, you are wrong. I used to LOVE RPGís (all the way back to Phantasy Star & FF3) but they have refused to grow up in the fighting/battle departments. FFVII isn't the giant leap that I was lead to believe it would be. However, if you are into this sort of gameplay, then you will be in heaven when you play Final Fantasy VII because what it does offer, is tons of what RPG fans eat up.

Let me play Devil's advocate and talk about the HYPE surrounding this game. I want you to know exactly what you do in this game. You move your guy from static screen to static screen, like an old Atari 2600 game. All of a sudden he gets into a confrontation. From there, you simply push a few buttons deciding what to attack with and who you should attack. If you win, you get points and Gil (money) and then you can wander around looking for a shop so you can buy other equipment to help your battles. I know this is the proper format for RPGís but come on people. This isnít fun. You canít be having any fun, because you arenít really doing anything! Do game developers think RPG fans are so lazy that we canít be bothered to actually fight our own battles? Why do we put up with that nonsense? This is like gaming for dummies as far as Iím concerned. If you can get over the little interaction during the fight sequences (I couldn't obviously, which is my problem that I'm currently working on with my therapist) there is a lot to discover and do in this game. For example, breeding the different color chocobo's to obtain other colored chocobo's so you could take advantage of their different abilities, was although somewhat tedious, but really an ingenious idea. If that wasn't a run-on sentence, then I don't know what is!

Since the fighting controls didn't get a whole whack of attention, the storyline sure did. Of course, I know that that's what you are in to, and FFVII doesn't disappoint. Your heart strings will be tugged at a few times in this game. You will care about these characters when you are finished.

Sure this game looks incredible at times, but that strictly goes for the backgrounds. Your character is so tiny at times that you have no idea where you are going. One of the gaming traditions that I like, is being able to see my guy! Thatís a nice touch. I felt like I was playing "Perfect Weaponí at times when my guy was so small and uncontrollable.

Iím sorry but I refuse to jump on the FFVII band wagon. This was a major disappointment for me. I expected so much more. I believed the hype that said that this game was taking RPGís to exciting new heights. Seems like the "same old same old" to me, in fancy packaging. If you loved it, then I think that's great. As I said fans of traditional RPG's will really be head over heels with this one. I guess Iím just not one of them anymore.

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