Guardian's Crusade Review

By: Ryan Miller

I found Guardian's Crusade to be a reasonably good game with it's own unique flaws. It was undoubtedly another Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (for those of you who don't know what that is, it is a very easy and non-RPG elemented game, which turned out to be a disgrace on the Final Fantasy series). It was an overall good game, but not one to stay up all night playing. At best you could say it was a game to keep you occupied in-between Metal Gear Solid or some other addictive game.


Guardian's Crusade revolves around a pig/dragon thing that the main character found one day on his journeys. You later find out that he must be delivered to God's Tower. Once you get to God's Tower the plot thickens greatly and the final boss appears. In my opinion the hardest part of the game is finding out what the pig/dragon thing is (although I am pretty sure it's a dragon, I'm not sure). It is very easy to avoid enemies in this game because rather than your classic random enemies, you can see the enemies on the map and avoid them and if you run up behind them they'll begin to run away!

I would have to say the Graphics were very impressive, aside from them looking a bit rushed. They were always smooth and they moved fluidly. Like most games these days the graphics were entirely polygonal. The FMV's (only a couple) were how shall I say... Awesome! They had very well done FMV's and I even popped them into my hard drive and watched a couple over and over. The FMV's were very dramatic and fast, although the game itself tends to move too slow.

The animation of the game was very good, seeing as everything moved as it should. The animation tended to lag at times, but was mostly just about perfect. My only objection is the combination of sounds when everybody was running (thump thump bop thump bop thump bop bop). Annoying eh?

The control of the game was undoubtedly better with the analog pad, because the analog made you able to run without holding down the O button. The game also made great use of the vibration effect (before battle, in battle) and made it feel somewhat like you were actually there. The camera angles could be changed and adjusted throughout the game with the L1, L2, R1, R2 buttons, which helps the game out a lot, making you able to see items you wouldn't be able to normally.

The music was good. It was like you're typical RPG music, although don't go expecting great real music like Suikoden or Final Fantasy VII. The music was definitely Midi but the music aided the game in whatever was happening. The sound FX were good too, it took me quite a while to notice that the barking in the battle music was actually the pig thing barking at the enemy, geez, who's every heard of a barking pig or dragon?

The game was simply too easy! I had to avoid enemies and neglect to level up just to make the bosses normal difficulty. This game easily scores a 2 out of 10 difficulty level. Once you're main character gets his hands on this game's replica of magic, the Living Toys, you can kill anything without losing a hitpoint. However, if you are a young new RPGer between the ages of 1 and 10, knock yourself out.

In conclusion, I believe that this game was very easy for the players to beat, as well for the developers to create. Guardian's Crusade was good, but not great. I enjoyed playing it, but inquired as to where the challenge was. I suggest a rental of this game, because you can beat the game so quickly, it may not be worth buying.






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