Take 2


Grudge Warriors Review

By: John Doe

What to do. What to do. Do you spend a saw buck on a below average title or save that money and put it towards a solid investment in another game? Admittedly, some of Take 2's $10 games have been decent enough, if you like the offering: Action Bass and Ball Breakers are good bets. Grudge Warriors is a train wreck and not even worthy of a night's rental. This is one game that you will be better off leaving at the store, and using that $10 on wiser purchases.


The graphics in Grudge Warriors are basically first-generation quality, which is certainly not a good thing. The graphics are very inconsistent, full of pop-up, clipping, break up, drop out, and other nastiness. And the camera following your vehicle? Forget it. It's always in the exact wrong place for you to get a good viewpoint in tight areas. But through all this, there are a couple of things that keep this game from being a couple graphical disaster. The framerate stays consistent throughout, and the backgrounds and battlefields are nice and detailed. And the lighting effects when you shoot your weapon are downright cool.

Unfortunately, in the sound department, there is no saving grace to prevent Grudge Warriors from being a complete sonic failure. The abysmal synth-rock soundtrack bleeps and blips you into insanity, even if you only spend a short while playing. The explosions are fine, but everything else is just horrible.

Imagine the most derivative Twisted Metal clone possible. The control is setup very similarly to TM, and all but a couple of aspects are totally Twisted Metal. Its almost as though they said "Originality? Screw it". The backdrop to the game involves two teams of gangs battling it out in post-apoycalptic envirionments. (Yawn... Yeah that's original...) The gameplay just disintegrates the second you engage combat with an enemy, and discover that it takes hundreds, or perhaps thousands of gunshots to destroy even a common gun embattlement. Sort of like in Starship Troopers where it took hundreds of hundreds of shots to kill a single alien creature. There is no plot, no main enemy, bosses, or target, there is just inexplicable puzzles and battle which at times switches inexplicably from ridiculously easy to impossibly hard. In short- what the hell is the point?

I'm going to have to be brutally honest here- unless you're a fan of nonsensical, derivative-as-hell games, don't rent this game, or even consider buying it. Though it only has a $10 price tag, you'll still be sorry. For a while I didn't know what to make of these $10 games on the Playstation, but now I realize that almost all of them are the PSX equilvilent to bargain bin Windows Shareware. Be afraid, be very afraid.






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