Koudelka Review

By: John Doe

An Adventure/RPG from ex-Squaresoft members? How could it fail? Well, although it doesn't exactly fail, it sure doesn't live up to the legacy of Square RPG's. These guys must have been the ones who had all the "bad ideas" at Squaresoft, because you'll be wondering "Why can't I do this, buy this, repair this?" throughout the entire game. The execution and implementation of Koudelka just doesn't feel together.


So, a guy, a priest and a witch go this haunted monastery, y'see and there's this talking dog and - okay, I know it sounds like the beginning of a joke, but aside from the talking dog part (which I made up) the game really sets up that scenario. As you make your way through the house you'll learn of horrible murders and the evil powers behind them. The gameplay is kind of like a hybrid between Resident Evil and your average RPG. You'll face numerous random battles that take place on a grid system (did I mention I hate that?) as well as a good helping of puzzles to solve.

The biggest problem with the game is that for an RPG, there are no places to purchase weapons, magic or armor - standard RPG consumables. Now obviously that would be insane to implement as the game takes place in a deserted monastery, but then, why is the game so freakin' hard later on, when your weapons have all broken and you are fighting enemies with your little girly hands? An entirely new system needed to be implemented from the beginning. Weapons and armor are only retrieved from battle, which means that you may or may not, get what you need when you most definitely need it! As well, save points are few and far between and are often found after a boss battle. Ouch! I got really good at controller flinging in this game. I can almost wield the Dual Shock like the Bat-Rope.

On the plus side, the CG's are stunningly wonderful. But who buys a game to watch a movie? More attention should have been paid to the gameplay instead of trying to match the lips to the voices. The voice acting is decent at times and poor at others, but you will enjoy the interaction between the three characters. They don't really seem to care for each other.

With such strong titles like Vagrant Story, it'll be pretty easy to pass this one up. Koudelka should have been a lot better considering it's origins. Personally, I'd say pass on this one. There is potential here, a lot of it, but it may not be realized until Sacnoth's second title.






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