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Looney Tunes Racing Review

By: John Doe

Kart racers have been a fairly successful and lucrative genre. Titles such as Mario Kart, Wacky Races, Muppet Race Mania and Crash Team Racing are all fine examples in their own right even if they don't offer much in the way of innovation. Kart racing is a great way to package a collection of characters under an acceptable premise. No big money wasted on researching and creating new games. Just get the programmers busy drawing up karts and dreaming up backgrounds.


With Looney Tunes Racing, the creative department probably took the year off because everything here is based on popular Looney Tunes characters, environments and lexicon. No need to think. Take for instance the Rascal and Stinker modes, the Acme Challenge and the roadrunner's cartoon desert. It's all here. If you're a fan of old Warner Bros. cartoons you will want to take a trip down memory lane with this game. It's not difficult but it's fun. Young kids and Space Invaders-weaned grown ups will love it, while serious gamers will enjoy the challenging missions and the numerous secrets to be unlocked including 13 hidden characters.

In Championship mode you have to place first out of six racers to go on to the next level. Each of the 15 courses features a new Looney Tunes environment. As you cruise through these courses you pick up weapons, power ups, turbo boosts and a plethora of secrets. Use the weapons to slow your opponents down Looney Tunes style. Throw eggs, bombs and clouds that follow your victim before delivering a crippling lightning bolt to them. Drive over special gates that release everything from herds of sheep to laser blast that are guaranteed to keep your opponents a safe distance behind. Ultimately there is nothing altogether innovative here but that hasn't deterred Top-40 radio for the past 10 years.

The characters which include Bugs, Daffy, Wile E. Coyote, Porky and Sylvester, 19 in all, are faithful reproductions of their cartoon counterparts. The rendering is above average and rivals some of the graphics I've seen on the PS2. All graphics are clear and sharp with no clipping. The movement is smooth and all objects and characters maintain their detail even in the distance. Lots of things are going on independently within the large levels, so you might want to keep an eye out for falling pianos while you are running the coyote's rocket over the cliff. The voices are instantly recognizable and goad the other characters on with contemptuous chiding.

Looney Tunes Racing is a game that is almost as fun to watch as it is to play. Circus Freek really had its work cut out for them but they were able to capture the Looney Tunes universe with impressive results. Don't even think of getting rid of your PSX just yet. If games such as this one becomes a popular seller, more companies will continue to develop for the PSX market and you can look forward to bigger and better things. Invest in your future and get Looney.

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