MediEvil 2 Review

By: John Doe

The sequel to one of the sleeper hits of last year has arrived. Sir Dan is back from the grave so to speak, a little wiser and 500 years older. The year is 1886 and it's time for this bag of bones to take out the trash.


Although the first MediEvil was cool, I have to say I didn't really care for it. It seemed everyone was making a 3D platform game back then, and although MediEvil strived to be a little different, it still suffered from the familiar problems that plagued almost all entries into the genre. MediEvil II isn't all that different than the first, but I did find it much more entertaining.

Graphically the game is sharper than the first and more attention to detail has been paid in the environments. The architecture of the buildings and design of the surroundings in MediEvil II border on brilliant. Each level seems to introduce stranger things to see, which makes playing the game that much more interesting. The animation is very well done and syncs with the control beautifully, making for a seamless adventure for the most part. Where the game falters is, once again, in the camera angles, which in some parts of the game are fixed making jumps incredibly difficult for expert gamers, never mind casual ones. If you ignore these slight hiccups in design, you'll discover a very cool and entertaining world that only gets more bizarre.

Although the gist of the game is to run around and destroy everything that moves, you can accomplish this with a lot more than just your trusty sword. Dan can use a multitude of weapons to deal out his undead brand of justice: pistol, cane, hammer, axe, gattling gun and if things get desperate, he'll pull off his own arm and start whacking. Resourceful, isn't he? You'll also get three levels of shields. The puzzle element is still present and adds some welcome brain usage into a hack-n-slash-shoot-em-up. The biggest problem with MediEvil II is that it's very easy to get confused as to what to do, even though there are characters in the game that are there to eliminate that. A few times I was given the wrong instructions it seemed, and in one instance spent quite a while looking for a door that didn't exist. It actually turned out to be a window that I needed. This kind of confusion, I don't need at 2:00 AM. Aside from that frustration, MII adds more playability to the mix. Once you get past the first two levels, you'll be able to play as Dan-Hand, which is a lot like Thing from the Addam's Family. Each level thereafter has a special Dan-Hand secret area which honestly, adds a lot of fun to the game. You can also play as Dan-Kenstein and take on the Iron Slugger in a boxing match.

Musically this game is very good and well suited to the spooky theme. Dan, unfortunately, cannot speak due to a missing jaw, but his mumbling is quite comical. The other voice actors are all very British it would seem and again, suit the style and the period excellently.

Definitely a fun-filled romp, MediEvil II has succeeded in areas the first game never dwelled, thus making it a worthwhile endeavor. If you've played the first, play the second as there is much more to do and see. The game isn't perfect and you will get hung up in a few areas, just know that going in. There aren't a lot of great 3D action/platformers on the PSX, so this is cause for celebration. Go Dan, Go!






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