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Medal Of Honor: Underground Review

By: John Doe

The first Medal of Honor was on the lips of a lot of PSX gamers last year due to it's tight presentation into the FPS genre. The PlayStation hasn't been known for it's wonderful FPS games, but Medal of Honor has changed that opinion. The sequel is everything a sequel should be and low and behold if this isn't another great game for shooter and WWII fanatics.


The gameplay of MOHU is extremely action-packed, but not so much that it's just dumb-dumb standard action fare. Rather there are a lot of in-depth and intelligent missions you must carry out in the midst of fighting enemies. And speaking of the enemies, the AI is amazingly high, so they react much more realistically than the baddies in most first-person shooters, and in turn make the game much more challenging. But they are never so challenging that the game becomes overly frustrating, which is definitely a good thing. The enemies appear not only on foot, but also in tanks and motorcycles, which adds a nice variety to the game, as if there wasn't enough variation enough with the 22 different levels, and the multitude of missions! The one player mode will keep you entertained and busy for a while with its many challenges, and will barely ever make you frustrated.

The graphics in MOHU are extremely impressive. The amount of colors used in the game has raised slightly from its predecessor, and the returns are extremely evident, with much more clarity and variety in the visuals. The animation is very smooth, and the textures on the characters, vehicles, and environments are great. The only gripe I have with the visuals of the game is that there are occasionally problems with characters blending in with objects around them, but it really is no biggie. The graphics are vastly improved from the original game, and really gives the game some added kick.

The music in the game is absolutely breathtaking. Rather than the soundtrack usually used in action-based games, this game forgoes tradition and instead uses almost all-classical music. Though you wouldn't expect the combination to work, it makes the game much more exciting and dramatic, and just makes the whole experience of playing the game more fun. The sound effects are great too, with excellent sounds of weapons going off, explosions, and enemies shouting.

Unfortunately, the two-player mode isn't nearly as entertaining. This mode is incredibly generic, and repetitive, and will probably get boring after a short time. It's not terrible, but it could have been much, much better.

But poor two-player mode not withstanding, this is one fine game, and keep you entertained for a good long time. If first person shooters are your bag, definitely check this one out!






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