Marvel vs. Capcom Review

By: John Doe

If you loved it in the arcade and can live with some alterations to the home version, Marvel vs. Capcom will provide some solid fighting action at your house. It's pretty and flashy, but purists will spot the differences right away.


As in keeping with the Capcom standard, the characters in Marvel vs. Capcom look very large and are beautifully drawn. The backgrounds are also very well done, and the "special effects" such as fireballs, and flashes of light are very well done. This comes to no surprise, since from day one the Street Fighter series always looked very impressive. Unfortunately, Capcom hasn't had very good luck in bringing the frame rate of the arcade games to the home systems, and this game is no exception. The frame rates are very slow sometimes, and fluctuate rapidly at others. But its not that major, since the frame rate troubles don't usually screw up the battle too much.

I was very dissapointed in the sounds and music for this game. The music is mostly just a bunch of random sound effects and beats, which really doesn't inspire you to get in a fighting mood. I personally thought the music of the SF series reached absolute perfection way back in its Street Fighter Turbo era, and then they started screwing with the music to the point where now its barely listenable. I don't know why they couldn't have just stuck with the old music, but either way, now its just awful. The sound effects are terribly inconsistent, sounding full, crisp, and full of CD-quality snap at some times, and other times sounding like a sixteen bit game, full of crackle and other problems. Overall the sound effects and music are very poorly done.

Marvel vs. Capcom is very similar to the typical Street Fighter games, except the combos are much more outrageous, making it easy to do 20-25 hit combos, and even 40 hit combos! Also there's the tag team feature, where you pick your primary character, and then pick your teammate, and then during a fight you can switch back and forth between the two characters at will. The tag-team part of the game really makes things interesting. You can pick from 15 characters, which include Venom, Morrigan, War Machine, Gambit, Wolverine, Captain America, Chun Li, Captain Commando, Ryu, Megaman, Strider Hiryu, Zangief, Jin, Hulk, and Spider-Man, but with the tag team, Special Heroes, and Partner Heroes selection, you can play as 20 additional characters, including Ice Man, Storm, and Jubilee.

Although most of the elements of SF stay pretty similar in this game, with the classic lightning fast combos, projectiles, and moves, there is more of a focus on strategy than other games in the franchise. Whereas in other games in the Street Fighter series you could get by with pure brawn, this game is slightly more cerebral and stragegy based, which is definitely a nice change of pace.

Overall, other than the frame rate problems and abysmal sound effects and music, MArvel vs. Capcom is a pretty solid fighter, with a few surprises, and a lot of ass-kicking action. If beat-em-ups are your bag, then by all means check this title out!






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