NFL Blitz 2000 Review

By: John Doe

What do you get when you cross the arcade version of NFL Blitz 99 with the N64 version of NFL Blitz and add a touch of magic? That's simple silly. You get NFL Blitz 2000 which is gonna eat you up. This is a great arcade game that is now starting to sport some more depth in the form of the once PlayStation elusive Play Editor. At the heart it's still a fast paced, no rules, no fear pigskin brawl that players of all ages will love. The inclusion of a 4 player mode and the little extras not found in the arcade version of Blitz 99 destine this game to be an instant fan favorite and classic!


You can't talk about football games without mentioning the game that changed an industry; Madden Football. Yes, Madden has its' place in video game history and rightfully so. For the millions of armchair quarterbacks out there who love the sim aspects of such games, all the power to you. But sometimes there is nothing better than a balls out game of no rules football to get the testosterone pumping. Blitz games remind me of the few games of football I played with the boys way back when. No rules, no refs, full tackle, no helmets or protection. It was insanely dangerous and stupid and I'd be a complete liar if I told you I wasn't terrified of getting my arms or legs broken or worse. That's why I only played "a few" games. I may be stupid but I ain't crazy.

In Blitz 2000, all of your favorite teams can be played, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. But all the stats in the world wouldn't matter; fans are still going to play their favorite teams no matter what, right? I mean otherwise what would be the point? You identify with your team for many reasons, the least of all having to do with their passing game or defense.

Just as in any sports game, arcade or sim, it is handy to know the rules of the game before playing. If you haven't played Blitz before, I'd say a 30 - 60 minute learning curve will be in order. If you know nothing of football and have never played a football video game before, you might need to spend some extra-curricular time with this one. You must understand the ideas of passing plays, running plays, earning first downs and tackles before entering the gridiron. Picking up and playing Blitz isn't all that difficult due to the arcade style of the gameplay. Icon passing, where you hold down L2 and your 3 receivers have either a square, circle or triangle under them, (which means a press of that corresponding button will send the pass to them) is definitely suggested for beginners. This game is all about playing a speedy, action packed game of football just like the NBA Jam series. In fact, like NBA Jam if your team is doing well, they'll be on fire which means they'll be pretty hard to stop. Real football this ain't.

Comparitive to the original NFL Blitz on PSX, Blitz 2000 has been given a graphic upgrade. The graphics are cleaner and brighter and the animation is smooth and quick, making it one of the nicest looking and playing football games available on the PSX. I don't know if Midway increased the color palette from the first game (I don't have it with me to give a side by side comparison) but Blitz 2000 certainly does look more vibrant.

The one thing that has to be mentioned is the overall look and feel of the game. The whole package is beautiful right down to the loading screens, which you won't be seeing much of due to the quick loading. All I could think of while watching Blitz 2000 go through the different screens while starting a game is that this is one sleek looking presentation. Who doesn't love arcade production values?

The commentator dialogue has been improved and given quite a bit more to say so it doesn't sound so repetitive. The players talk trash every now and then after a play, when they are either helping each other up or piling on top of some poor guy. It's no NHL 99, but it does the job.

The gameplay is king in Blitz 2000. You can select from 3 pages (fully editable) of offensive plays or 1 page when on defense. You can even hide your selection so that players 2, 3 & 4 won't know what you are going to select. Once you get out to the line of scrimmage and see the opposing team's lineup which you don't like the look of, simply call an audible and change your play on the fly. And just wait until you see those bone crunching flying tackles. With the vibration feature on, you can feel the impact. Ouch. Play through an entire season or play the odd game. It's completely up to you.

As most video game sport franchises spit out the obligatory yearly upgrade, it's understandable that you might be hesitant to purchase almost the same game that you bought a year ago. In this case however, there is no choice. Blitz 2000 plays better, looks better and even smells better than last years entry. If you are a Blitz-Aholic than you have got to buy this game. The 4 player mode makes Blitz 2000 the party game of choice. Just be sure that in your blind panic to get this masterpiece of gaming, that you don't accidentally purchase the absolutely terrifying NFL Xtreme 2. Shudder...






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