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NHL Rock The Rink Review

By: John Doe

Think NFL Blitz on skates and you've got it. Personally I loved this game. It handles great and is loaded with hilarious animations and a zamboni's ransom in personality. It's about time someone took this approach to hockey and I for one, can't believe it wasn't Midway who did it first.


Rock the Rink definitely doesn't go for realism, but instead concentrates on making things as brutal and exciting as it possibly can, which definitely makes for a fun game, though it lacks a bit of depth. The game is 3 on 3 plus goalies, and there are NO penalties! This means you're free to go out and inflict high-octane brutality on the other team whenever you want, with no consequence, and makes gameplay absolutely insane at times.

You can customize your lines to go to either speedy offense, or tank-like defense. The game is loaded with psychotic moves, such as massive body checks, suplexes, and tons of other ways of kicking ass on the rink. There are 8 teams in the normal mode of play, each with a different rink and announcer, and style. And if you get bored of taking on the 8 traditional teams, you can take on NHL Teams in the NHL Challenge. The cool thing about this mode is that every team you beat is then put into the other modes of play. There's plenty of secrets to find, lots of equipment upgrades, and an 8-man tournament mode, which makes it unlikely that you'll be bored quickly in the game.

The graphics aren't terrible, but they are quite disappointing compared to the high quality of the rest of the game. The characters are rather blocky and ill defined, and while things look ok from a far distance, the second things get close-up, the graphics fall apart quickly, and the animation flows absolutely terrible. But all this being said, the graphics are far from perfect, but they do the job, and the camera follows the action well.

The sound effects in the game are very cool, with sounds of hits, slap shots, and grunts sounding spectacular. The announcer in whatever arena you happen to be playing in is often simply hilarious, delivering snappy one-liners and play by plays. The music is rather generic, but also very hard-hitting and heavy, which is a perfect match for this game. Most of the music is brutal hardcore, which is good inspiration for tearing up the ice with killer moves and slapshots.

If you're a fan of hard-hitting sports games that give a nod more to pure fun than realism such as NFL Blitz or NBA Jam, than Rock the Rink will definitely be up your alley. But if you want more depth in your sports games, you may want to avoid it. I would recommend renting it first before you buy to check if its for you, and if this indeed your type of game, you'll have a blast!






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