Rainbow Six Review

By: John Doe

You have got to be kidding. I can't believe it. Are you trying to tell me that somebody actually put 100 monkeys in a room with a PlayStation Yaroze (the programmable PSX) and this is the game they coded? Wow, those are really retarded monkeys because this game sucks. Bad monkeys! BAD! For shame monkeys. Ouch!! They're attacking! Run!!


I was very excited to play this game after having played the N64 version for awhile. However, it is with my deepest heartfelt sympathy that I inform you that this game blows big time. I'm still in shock. How could one version be so cool and the other so limp? I think I need to sit down...

The N64 version, although still a first person shooter, retains the feel of the PC original. This game is supposed to be about strategy and planning your rescues. You must save hostages, diffuse bombs and complete various other objectives while using team work. The PSX version scraps all of that "unnecessary strategic element" and leaves Rainbow Six a former shell of itself. It's not even entirely necessary to use team work. So what is the point of this version then you ask? I don't know.

Graphically this game even pales in comparison to Wolfenstein on the PC from the early 90's, so that has to tell you something. The textures are drab, the details are non-existent and the enemies and hostages all look goofy. This game looks as if someone used stock PSX graphic libraries from a first generation PSX development kit and then spent a few months working day and night to make them look worse.

If the visuals weren't a big enough turn off, just wait until you try and move around. The left analog pad controls movement, while the right analog pad controls viewpoint. It's not only confusing but extremely touchy too. Just try and get your guy to walk through a door. There is nothing like fumbling around trying to get through a doorframe that turns what should have been a dramatic heroic entrance into a scene from Jerry Lewis' The Nutty Professor. If my guy can't even walk through a door, how in the hell did he manage to get on this elite special operations team? Doesn't quality count anymore? "Hey Joe, the special forces team has eliminated some of their entrance requirements, like being able to walk through an open door. You should sign up."

The missions and the weapons required to complete them are cool, but again, the control beats the fun out of the whole experience. I can't even recommend this as a rental. If you own a PSX and N64 then you have to play the N64 version. It is a great game and you'll love it. Strap some C-4 to this one and run like hell because (delicious pun alert) Tom Clancy's Rainbow Sux.






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