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Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure Review

By: John Doe

What's with all of these RPG's I've been playing lately? Anyway, Rhapsody is an entertaining title that is so off the wall, that I'd almost recommend it to seasoned RPG vets, but I think it would be safe to say this title is targeted at the younger generation.


Atlus has been known to put out some whacky stuff and this title is no different. It's entertaining and quirky, and ultimate accomplishes what it sets out to do. Any game that replaces cutscenes with music videos by the cast, is definitely different. Sure some of it is embarrassing, but you can't deny that it hooks you, in a "what is this gonna do next" way.

Cornet (the star of the show) and her magic trumpet which can bring puppets to life (not evil sock puppets though) dreams of marrying a handsome Prince. As she makes her way through the world (actually just point to a place on the world map and she'll magically whisk there - no pilgrimages in this game) she'll meet up with others who will join her little team. I just a thought: Was The Wizard of OZ the inspiration for the first RPG? Think of it: Dorothy goes to a magical place and while making her journey adds three others with varying abilities to her party. Hmmm. Think about it. Random battles take place on the tried and true grid system, which means that distance plays a part in the battles. More often than not, simply select the CPU to do the work and you'll do just fine. Unfortunately the battlefield cannot be rotated and neither can the camera, so often times your view will be blocked. That's where the CPU comes in, trust me.

The music videos are what's going to sell this game, as they have to be seen and heard to be believed. They are very good and catchy, and yet all the while I'm still trying to figure out if Atlus was satirizing the RPG genre or not. I think they were. If that is the case then this game is smarter than I thought. I don't know if it's the cheese factor or not, but this game really kept me interested.

Obviously those waiting for FFIX may not find Rhapsody all that endearing, but the target audience (younger players who think that RPG's might be cool to try) will get a lot out of it. It's a great title that introduces the genre.






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