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Rayman 2: The Great Escape Review

By: John Doe

I have officially played this game on every available system, including the PC and I am proud to say that the PlayStation version does a more than admirable job keeping up to them. Ubi Soft has made one of the finest 3D platform games on market today, with gameplay, execution and fun that is nose to nose with anything Nintendo has produced, and that my friends, is very high praise! If you own a PSX, buy it, even though it looks cutesy. It's great.


Rayman 2 looks absolutely beautiful. The 3D environments just look awesome, the the charcters, backgrounds, enemies, and items look stunning. The texture on the background and charaters are remarkably well done. Everything looks very colourful, vibrant, and sharp, and incredibly detailed. Words can barely describe how fabolous the graphics look. And the animation is just as well done as the graphics, with 30 frames per second maintained at all times with no slowdown or fluctuations, and plenty of animation frames to ensure realistic and fluid animations. There really is nothing at all to criticize in the graphics department, because its so well done!

The sound is also extremely well done, with superb sound effects, voices, and music. The music is very well composed and suits each level perfectly. And the sound effects are all fantastic, with a wide variety of distinct, punchy, and all around near-perfect sound effects. And the proverbial "cherry on top" to the amazing sound and music is the awesome voice work. There are voices for almost all the major characters in the game, and there all very cool. Rayman sounds great with a multitude of quips and comments, and though some Rayman fans may miss the days where Rayman just spoke incomphrehensible jibberish, I think Rayman in English sounds much more cool. And even more awesome, you can also choose to play the game in Spanish or French! Rayman sounds pretty cool in these languages too, so no matter what tongue you choose, you can't really go wrong!

In terms of gameplay, Rayman just feels impeccible. You can control Rayman perfectly just as it should be, and you'll never find yourself blaming the control for getting you in a troublesome situation. The control is very tight, and the with the dual shock controller its even more precise. The level designs are great, and use a lot of creativity, and easily seperates the game from the rest of the 3D platform pack on the PlayStation. Instead of just being a lame-ass hunt for little items like so many other generic 3D platformers, Rayman 2 instead concentrates much more on the story and challenges within the levels. In short, Rayman 2 is way ahead of the other games of its genre, because of the sheer perfection put into it by the developers, and the absolute fun you experience from playing it!

I highly recommend this game for fans of the 3D action/platform genre, since it is absolutely one of the best games of this type to come out in a long time! Don't miss this title!






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