Resident Evil: Survivor Review

By: Brother Doe

Who isn't a fan of the Resident Evil series? Capcom introduced gamers to the world of Survival Horror back in 1996 and the world of gaming was forever changed. Well, that was that and this is this, whatever this is.


Here's my story line on how Resident Evil Survivor came about. In the future, the world is destroyed, including all the employees of Capcom. A lone survivor with only a working knowledge of computer programming attempts to recreate his favorite game, Resident Evil with what fragments he can piece together from the ruins of the Capcom building. He is forced to improvise in areas where there is no information. Did I mention that he has faulty depth perception?

At best, it's similar to Resident Evil, at worse, it's worse than Resident Evil. It has all the makings of a good first-person perspective shooter, it just doesn't transcend its heritage. The story line is intriguing however, but when it's entirely revealed, it's not much better than mine. Your helicopter crashed, you're in a strange place and you've lost your memory. Good time to look for a job at 7-11. All you have is a gun and your wits. You find that Umbrella is still conducting bio-hazard experiments on human beings and you know what that means? A lot of unhappy campers. Make that undead unhappy campers.

It's easy to make progress in this game, maybe too easy. I finished it in about four hours. It kept me going but I felt hollow when I reached the end. It was too loose with the instant gratification. It keeps you moving ahead without really challenging you. It's a glorified Easter egg hunt - replace the words Easter egg" with "beyond the grave corpses" and the word hunt with "shooting spree" and you've got the idea. Over and over and over. Even I, a huge RE fan since my brother introduced me to it over 3 years ago, and this game just bored the crap out of me. It's not going to do much more for you.

Graphically the game just doesn't compare to anything Capcom has released in the last 4 years. And it certainly doesn't compare to any of the Resident Evil games. Sure you'll recognize some monsters, but because the game allows you to move around in a first person perspective, gone are the beautifully rendered backgrounds that RE is known for. You'll be looking at splotchy textures and chunky polygon messes.

I don't know. Maybe Capcom was just in a rush to release something this summer with the name "Survivor" on it to cash in on the popular TV show. I think a more appropriate title would be Resident Evil: Big Brother. And I think a very appropriate thing for you to do, is avoid this one.






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