RPG Maker Review

By: John Doe

How many times have you wished you could make your own RPG? If you are me, never, but maybe I'm in the minority. You see, I'm aware of the mind-numbing details that it takes to create a video game. I'm not smart enough to actually make a video game myself, I'm only smart enough to cut down other people's hard work, which really doesn't take any brains at all. Luckily, I don't have to cut RPG Maker down, because it's a great experience. It's not for the attention deficit afflicted mind you, there is a lot of details to work out here. If you think you've got what it takes, then be prepared to have a blast! If anything, you will learn that video games are terrific undertakings and you will emerge with greater respect for the people who make your favorite hobby possible.


Like Fighter Maker before it, RPG Maker is a title that won't instantly appeal to everyone. It's a wonder this game was even released in North America at all. However, we applaud the decision to do so and I think this will give a lot of people, young and old, a great gameplaying experience and education simultaneously. And the best thing is that you don't have to a game programmer or RPG expert to get it. The interface is all rather easy to use; in fact it's so simple that a complete novice could probably design his own RPG. Rather than just only having control over the title and names of the main characters, you have control over every minor detail, ranging from the HP and MP of your characters and enemies, to the design of dungeons and towns, to where items are placed, crucial parts of the game, final boss, you name it. The level of control you have really blows your mind, and if you're an RPG fan, will have you creating your game from the ground up for hours and hours. Though the graphics and sound are limited, the choices are almost endless, and are the game's coolest element.

The visuals in RPG Maker are very unimpressive, and look terrible compared to the games currently offered on the Playstation. We're talking 16-bit graphics here, straight back to the days of Super Nintendo and Genesis. Needless to say, the graphics are not the games forte. And neither are the sound and music for that matter. The sound and music that you have to use for "your" RPG are just very plain bleeps and bloops, which, like the graphics, is also a throwback to the 16-bit era.

Though the visuals and sound are not too good in the game, the best feature is that it'll let you customize your RPG almost anyway you want. If you want the plot of your game to involve Aliens coming down from the planet Azeroth to capture the President and steal his brain, and the only way to stop them is a team of rough-and-tough outcasts, then this game will do it. You can decide the plot, title characters, items, main events, villains, and all other aspects of your game with almost complete freedom.

Unfortunately, the animation program provided that allows you to create your own sprite based artwork and animation is ill-conceived primarily because of the need to use the Dual Shock controller to draw. Your pictures will look crappy and you will probably get very frustrated with this aspect of the game. I used to be a graphics artist by profession and my drawings looked like they had been drawn by a blind monkey on acid. My advice: Use the graphics and backgrounds provided or buy yourself a straight jacket now.

Overall, if role-playing games are your cup o' tea, this title will be perfect for you, and will be your dream game. It's a very unique and cool game, IF you are willing to dedicate the time. A night of fooling around won't even be scratching the surface.






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