R-Type Delta Review

By: John Doe

10 years ago, side scrolling shooters were as abundant as bad metal/pop/poser bands like Poison and Warrant. A decade later bears witness that shooters have all but disappeared, and thankfully taken bad music with it. Luckily something has resurfaced and it isn't spandex clad morons with obnoxious BC Rich guitars, it's R-Type Delta from Irem and Agetec. Is the gaming world ready to embrace this once prosperous genre? If R-Type Delta doesn't revive the shooter market, than nothing will.


Shooters are either games you love or hate. Their fast paced, twitch gaming is reminiscent of a day gone by. At first glance there may not look like there is a whole lot to do except shoot, avoid, lather, rinse and repeat. Okay so maybe there isn't that much more to it... But there is something about being constantly under attack from waves and waves of enemies and having no room to move. Games like this get your blood pumping. Sure Tomb Raider gets your pulse racing once every hour, but good shooters are like heart attacks; they just don't stop until one of you is dead.

This game will remind many of Square's Einhander; 3D modeled ships in a pseudo 3D world that is ultimately a 2D side scrolling shooter in fancy packaging. But when you are dealing with polygon based graphics vs sprite based graphics, there is no comparison in detail, animation or speed. Since polygons can be manipulated separately, this allows the game designers total freedom over every aspect of the graphic models. This updated R-Type is brimming with eye candy that outshines any previous R-Type before it.

Success at R-Type depends entirely on how well you use your weapons. As in previous games, your ship is outfitted with the Force Module. This handy little number acts as a satellite that you can extend from your ship to help against the onslaught of enemies. You can choose from 3 different ships, all with a specialized Force Module. Each Force Module has different characteristics and power-up capabilities, so it is wise to choose the right one for the job. This obviously requires trial and error at first because you won't know which one will work best until you are already in the heat of battle. The use of the Force Module has always made R-Type stand out from the rest, by adding strategic elements to an otherwise straightforward premise. If the Force Modules aren't enough you can always charge your ship's main weapon, the Wave Cannon. If you hold down the charge button long enough (about 3 seconds) you'll unleash a superior blast that will take down almost anything in it's path, except Bosses of course. In addition to the Wave Cannon you can also store up energy from the amount of ships you defeat and the amount of enemy fire absorbed by your Force Module. Unleashing this super-weapon will damage all of the on-screen enemies.

Veterans of R-Type games already know they are going to be challenged. It's been that way since day 1. Shooter fans have come to expect it and this installment continues that tradition. This game is tough and casual gamers will be eaten alive and frustrated beyond imagination. This game doesn't let up and rarely plays fair. Enemies will be coming at you from all directions which should tell you that crybabies need not apply. That's why games like "Hello Kitty" are made. So then it will come as no surprise when I say, "Real men and women play R-Type."

Complaint Dept. When there are tons of moving enemies on the screen, explosions everywhere, what do you think is going to happen? If you said "Slow down" you are not only correct but you are weird for talking out loud to your computer. Yes there is a fair amount of slow down. I can't wait for the day when we can say, "Remember when games used to slow down?". Even first generation Dreamcast titles suffer from it (Power Stone) but we are getting closer to finding a cure for this horrible video game disease. Send your donations to: Stop Video Game Slow Down c/o Cheat Code Central... Oh wait a minute that's sort of illegal. Okay, don't bother. Just forget I said anything. My other complaint, if I were a wussy, would be that this game is too hard. But I'm not a wussy. I just live with it and huck, bite and smash my controller like all of the other real geniuses out there.

So what's it going to be? Hello Kitty or R-Type Delta? As far as I am concerned, you haven't earned your video game stripes without playing and beating at least 1 of the R-Type games. R-Type Delta is a good one to start with because it's tough, unforgiving, relentless and one heck of a great game. Highly recommended for shooter fans and real men and women.






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