Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Review

By: Dave Mitchell

The original Spyro was loved by gamers because of its light, cartoony feel, and Mario 64 inspired gameplay. Spyro 2 doesn't change much from the original, which is probably a good thing, since the first Spyro was much loved by gamers.


The graphics in Spyro are quite impressive. They're very colorful, and cartoony-looking and have a quality that makes the images leap off the screen at you. The backgrounds, levels, and characters all look great, and the flame that comes out of Spyro looks especially good. The opening FMV sequence looks very cool as well, looking almost completely like an actual cartoon.

The sound is also very good. The music has a weird sort of lounge vibe to it, which doesn't sound anything like most music you usually hear. But it strangely fits the game because it adds to the overall vibe of the game. The sound effects are very good as well, with various wacky noises going off when you jump, kill enemies, etc. I was also very impressed with the voices, particularly the plucky voice of Spyro and the jovial pig who helps you out throughout the game.

As for the control, there really isn't anything to gripe at in this game, because the controls are very simple and precise, and can control the camera angle and action in the game admirably. The controls are even more precise with the analog sticks on the dual shock controller.

The first thing you'll likely notice about the gameplay is that it is very simplistic. You walk around various areas looking for gems and items, and accomplishing tasks to receive skills and objects necessary to complete the game. Aside from a couple of new powers, the essence of the game really hasn't changed a whole lot. The game is so simple that its appropriate for all ages above 8, but I don't think gamers below this age would be able to get through much of the game without help. But while the games simplicity is a big part of its accessibility, some older gamers may be bored easily by it. But I think for the most part its a kid friendly game that's also appropriate for many gamers of all ages.

You'll also immediately notice that the enemies in Spyro 2, just like the original don't pose much of a threat at all. Few enemies are a match for your destructive, rather long-ranged fire breath, and many of them just keel over with one attack. Though the enemies are rather easy, finding absolutely everything game is definitely not. Though you don't have to find everything to beat the game, you'd have so search high and low to find some items. But the game probably wouldn't take the average gamer very long to complete, and once you get through the game, I don't think there would be much motivation to go through again, which is definitely a problem. Unfortunately there is no other modes of play besides the main game, and no two player game, so the replay value of this game is not very high at all.

For the most part, I think this game is very well done, with the graphics, control, sound, and fun gameplay. But the lack of replay value and the relatively short time it would take most gamers to beat this title is definitely strikes against it. I would say its definitely worth a rental, but I'm not sure whether its worth purchasing. While its a lot of fun, the fun probably wouldn't last more than a week or two, so it may be a waste to buy it. I can only say that you should rent it first to test it out.






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