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Street Sk8er 2 Review

By: John Doe

Street Sk8er 2 improves on every aspect that kept the first game down and even gets into Tony Hawk territory. Fans rabid for more boarding action while waiting for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 might want to give this series another chance.


If Tony Hawk's Pro Skater didn't exist Street Sk8er 2 would be the best boarding game ever. However, THPS does exist and while SS2 tries hard to compete, it still can't beat the Hawk at his own game. It does however, beat the crap out of that first mess, Street Sk8er 1. There is a lot to like in Street Sk8er 2 and I don't mind admitting it's on heavy rotation in my PSX. The graphics have been cleaned up nicely, the environments are absolutely huge and filled with secrets, there are a ton of tricks (combos are a little sluggish though), the control is a tad floaty but tight, the tunes are gr8 and I really dig the points and finish line aspects of the game.

The game itself is a tad easy due to that fact that it almost seems impossible to bail! Spider-Man wouldn't stick to a skateboard that well. Some may view this as a great bonus after playing Thrasher, where just turning could send you to the pavement, but I think it could have been a tad more challenging. Aside from that, the gameplay is interesting. You'll have to earn X amount of points and reach the finish line before the timer runs out (check points exist that increase time). As you might expect there is a small selection of fictional boarders to choose from, all differing in abilities. Playing the main game you'll be able to add points to your abilities that will enhance various aspects such as speed, cornering, jump, handling etc. If you find the tricks a little too hard to pull off, you can always try the auto trick system. Personally I think that wrings the enjoyment out of the game; you might as well sit and watch a demo and pretend you are playing. True gamers don't need this. Aren't teenagers lazy enough? Now we have to make playing games simpler? Gimme a break. Yeah, I know it's hard work growing all those delightful, self-esteem rotting pimples and sitting on the couch for weeks at a time, but come on!

A Free Skate mode is available for tackling the outdoor and indoor environments without fear of running out of time. There is also a two-player mode (with link capability!) and a Create-A-Park mode that allows you to build your own indoor skate park. The Create-A-Park mode is extremely easy to use and will have you setting up fun boxes, ramps, rails and half-pipes for hours looking for the skater's ultimate challenge. Take your creations over to a friend's house via a memory card and see if they can handle it. Man, now it sounds like I'm writing ad copy for the game. Sheesh.

Street Sk8er 2 definitely improves upon the graphic look of the first game. The skaters are bigger and more animated, and the huge detailed environments have definitely taken a nod from Tony Hawk. The only problem I had with the game is in the sluggish control when trying to chain combos together. I found that rather difficult at times. Musically the game is right on with some cool bands and the sound effects are very realistic.

Those put off by the first game, should take a closer look at this installment. Sure there are some rough spots, but considering the major improvement that EA made on this game, I can overlook them. Skateboarding on the PSX just got a little more interesting. Check it out.






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