Strider 2 Review

By: John Doe

Strider 1 & 2 in the same package? Someone had better pinch me. Hey, not there!! If you've ever dared to call yourself a gamer, you had better have had the original Strider under your belt. Was there any better platform game 10 years ago? I think not. Whether you played it in the arcade or were smart enough to own the classic Genesis version, Strider heralded in a new era of side-scrolling action games. Strider 2 has finally arrived and it has definitely been worth the wait.


In this job, it's hard to get really excited about new games, as they are always showing up. I can actually count on 1 hand the games I've really been waiting for in anticipation this year. Strider 2 is one of them. When I popped in Strider 2 into the PSX, I couldn't believe how much it looked like the original Strider. Then I realized it was the original Strider!! Some dumbass at the manufacturing plant screwed up and labeled the disks wrong. Oh man I can't imagine the firing he got over that one. Anyway, since 1) I am a man and 2) I am a video game reviewer, I couldn't really be bothered to get up off the couch and change games as I was comfortable, so I enjoyed a perfect rendition of Strider.

Strider 1 is completely intact and just as I remembered it from the arcade and Genesis many moons ago. You want to know how much I paid for Strider in 1991 for the Genesis? $55.00. So don't complain about game prices these days. I know you paid less for Strider 1 & 2 then I did for the original almost 10 years ago. Heck I remember paying $50 for Superman for Atari 2600 in 1978. If inflation continued at the same rate it did for everything else, games that were $50 in 1978 would retail at $8 billion dollars today. Well, maybe not. I'm not very good in math. I already told you I'm a video game reviewer, what were you expecting? Intelligence? Anyway, although most kids today may scoff at Strider for whatever reason, it was pretty cool in my day, and it certainly is no cakewalk even today. Graphically, the sprites and animation hold up extremely well, and the music is classic. Anyone who remembers playing the first game will be taken back in time when they hear those familiar musical strains.

As in all worthy sequels, the gameplay gets an adjustment, graphics are improved and generally there is just more of a good thing going on. Strider 2 hits a homer with all three points. The game still uses 2D hand-drawn animation, but this time there are more frames of animation and the backgrounds are now 3D polygons. The game is still a side-scroller but plays a lot like those 2.5D (not quite 3D) games like Pandemonium 1 and 2. Since Strider can climb walls and ceilings the game often branches out into many different paths, deepening the overall replayability factor once you beat the game. And with those cursed infinite continues, that probably won't take you very long.

If anything, the infinite continues are the biggest downer in the whole package. It just takes the challenge and literally throws it out the window. Most people will be able to beat Strider 1 & 2 in a day, which makes me really consider recommending this game for purchase or not. Yes the games are great, but even with the replay factor of Strider 2, you probably won't be coming back to either game after a month or less. Can you afford to buy a game that may not have you glued to it for weeks at a time? That's up to you as I've just warned you. Personally I'll treasure both games and it will be really cool to be able to play either of them when I get a hankering for some retro side-scrolling action. Hey, I don't play Time Pilot every day, but you can bet that when I pull out Konami's Arcade Classics, I'm glad that it's in my collection. My final advice? Buy it. It's good enough to own, even if you just play it once in awhile.






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