Tarzan Review

By: John Doe

Tarzan gets a makeover from Disney that brings him into the 90's on the big screen and gameplay that leaves him back in the 80's on the small screen. Tarzan is a 2D side scroller in a graphically amazing package that looks great but plays average.


Another year another Disney game based on a movie. Tarzan the game stays closely tied to the movie and does an excellent job, which kids will appreciate no doubt. They'll also appreciate the attention to detail and the gorgeous graphics that make the Tarzan game one of the best looking games available on the PlayStation. What the kids may not appreciate so much is the sluggish throwing and jumping controls and the cheap shots from the enemies.

Tarzan gets high points for it's lush backgrounds and vivid colors. This game really looks great. Tarzan (young and old) moves well and the animation is top notch, but the control coupled with animation during jumps and throws is somewhat awkward and never feels quite right. The cinemas are taken right from the movie and appear between levels, to further advance the plot.

Gameplay follows your standard side scrolling fare that borrows from every other side scroller that has come before it. Aside from the pseudo 3D (there's not enough of it to even be considered a 2.5 D game) where Tarzan tree surfs or rides the river (which is particularly hard to control) the boy-man-ape runs from left to right, climbs the odd tree and swings on the odd vine. And for the most part he does this all very well. He can also collect tokens which has never been done in a game before (Really? No, I'm being violently sarcastic.) and he can also collect the letters T-A-R-Z-A-N and pieces of a picture. Find the selected goodies and you'll earn a new man or a chance to play a bonus round. In a nutshell, there's nothing new here folks.

Music-wise jungle rhythms are the flavor along with the theme song sang by Phil Collins during the intro. Now, I don't know about you, but I go too great lengths to avoid Phil Collins these days. Why wasn't I warned about this? Hey give me some old Genesis (Duke and earlier) and I'll love it, but any Phil circa 1984 and thanks. Not that he isn't a talent, I'm just burnt out on Phil thanks to the 80's and disk jockeys who couldn't get enough of his "Su-Su-Suddio" and other cheek sweetening crappy love song garbage pop that he spit out one song after another.

After all is said and done, Tarzan will probably hold the interest of it's targeted audience, the under 12 set. I doubt jaded gamers like me will want to spend a lot of time with this one for the simple reason that we have been there and done that countless times and I'm sorry, but it's getting old. What we do need to remember is that for some kids out there, Tarzan will be their very first side scroller, and they are going to absolutely fall in love with it. And so they should.






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