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Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return Review

By: John Doe

The sequel to one of PlayStation's shining moments, has arrived. Tomba 2 stays true to the original gameplay, but sports a brand new 3D engine, over 130 mini-quests, voice-overs and a ton of wacky items to use on your adventure. The 2D gameplay in a pseudo 3D world can be tricky at times and the sheer number of quests is a tad overwhelming, but do yourself a favor and play this game. I doubt you'll regret it.


I was a big fan of the first Tomba! and it would seem I'm not alone. Tomba! fans have been popping out of the woodwork and for very good reason: Tomba is chock filled with fantastic gameplay. It's hard to exactly define Tomba's gameplay, but it sort of falls in-between a 2.5 D side-scrolling, platform adventure game with RPG overtones. From the moment you start the game you'll be thrown from one mini-quest to another, with many overlapping at one time. The Adventure Journal helps to keep your mini-quest status updated and your items organized, and is absolutely essential to your success.

Although Tomba 2 is quite obviously a "cutesy" game, that's pretty much where it ends. This is not a kids games as far as challenge goes; T2 requires game-playing skills honed from years of platform and side-scrolling experience. That's not to say there isn't a five year old videogame playing prodigy that couldn't lick this game (and Lord knows our society is probably under threat of being over run with them), but if you have below average playing skills, you might find T2 more than just a little challenging.

Whoopee Camp (also responsible for the first game) has done a remarkable job on the graphics, even improving on last years excellent visuals. The levels are bright and cartoony while the animation is smooth as silk. The characters have that Super-Deformed look about them, and that's half of the appeal right there. Tomba reminds me a lot of the character from the "Wonder Boy" games from many years ago. I wonder if he is a little nod to Wonder Boys past?

Considering there isn't much available on the PSX that is quite like Tomba 1 or 2, these are "must haves". T2 is a more structured game than the first, avoiding a lot of overlap between quests, which makes it easier to understand and play. Definitely worth a look.






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