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The World Is Not Enough Review

By: John Doe

Bond returns. After the clumsy Tomorrow Never Dies, Black Ops lost the third person perspective and tried to give the people what they want. Which as we all know is GoldenEye for the PlayStation or at least something pretty darn close. They half succeed. TWINE isn't nearly as tight as its N64 counterpart (developed by Eurocom) but it shows a glimmer of genius here and there.


TWINE doesn't mess around with the GoldenEye formula and believe me, that wasn't by accident. If you'll remember Black Ops horrifying attempt at Bond on the PlayStation with the lackluster and downright stanky, Tomorrow Never Dies. Kids want the Bond they are familiar with; a disembodied weapon, just as Rare made him and not as a lumbering goof who can't even walk through a door properly. That game sucked. I received a lot of email telling me I was out to lunch on that review, but there are just times when you know you are right.

If weapons and gadgets are your bag, then you'll probably have a good time with TWINE and it's numerous gadgets and 11 levels. Yes, unfortunately the game is a tad short, but once you get into the later missions, the difficulty ramps up nicely and provides a decent challenge. Stealth plays a part later in the game, which works well and the required gadgets you'll need per level (2-5 depending) make the game interesting enough.

Graphically the game isn't on par with the N64 version, but that's to be expected. Although the levels look decent enough, it's really the animation that is subpar. Unlike GoldenEye's or TWINE (N64's) lifelike animation for the enemies, the badguys in this version play out like cardboard cutouts come to life. It's almost eerie. I'm not kidding. The cutscenes from the movie are excellent and really help to make the game appear perhaps a little more exciting than it actually is. Hey, hype is a wonderful thing. Don't mess with it.

The level objectives all reflect that of the movie, so you'll spend a lot of time rescuing or protecting Christmas Jones, blowing up helicopters, riding the subway, diffusing bombs while taking out hitmen and eventually wind up on the ill-fated submarine. You'll even get to blow $25,000 during the Russian Roulette level. Actually the gambling was quite fun and provided a welcome change to the usual FPS action. If you are looking for multi-player action you'll be sorely disappointed. TWINE for the PSX is strictly a single player game. Yeah, I know. They should have included it, but what are you gonna do?

The 007 theme gets a lot of use in this one. Time to retire it already. It really grates on the nerves this time out. The voices are okay, but nothing to write home about. Using the real John Cleese was a treat. You just can't recreate that man's attitude.

As far as First Person Shooters go on the PlayStation, TWINE isn't so bad. It's not quite up to the level of Medal of Honor, but on the whole, it's stars and bananas above Tomorrow Never Dies. The longevity is certainly in question. I blew through this one in just under half a day roughly. With no multi-player levels to squeeze out more playtime, TWINE is a pretty short romp, with little to no replay value. Rent it.






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