WWF: Attitude Review

By: John Doe

It's finally here, and clearly the rumors concerning its constant delays were erroneous; both Mankind and Owen Hart are playable. The question now is does this out wrestle Warzone? Yes most definitely. However Acclaim spent most of the development time adding new features when upgrading the gameplay should have been priority #1.


I loved Warzone (and Revenge, although that's a different product/ different system) and I was really looking forward to Attitude. For those familiar with Warzone you won't have a hard time remembering what to do because it's pretty much the same. And that being said, how about some attention to the actual gameplay, because it needs some.

Gameplay is based on simple d-pad and button combinations that need to be executed at the right time or the right place for it to be effective. Until you become extremely proficient at the control, expect to simply punch and kick your opponent with all of the style of a kindergarten fight. Once you do learn the moves and the timing, then the matches will start to glimmer with that trademark flash that wrestling is all about. Once you tie-up, it's simply a matter of who gets off the better move first (referred to as the paper-rock-scissors method of control, which many fighting games use to determine what fighter lands the attack).

Graphically Attitude jumps way ahead of Warzone. The wrestlers look more realistic and thanks to the smooth skin technique look like they are more flesh and blood than polygons. The graphics of the backgrounds and audience look pretty pathetic however. Pit Fighter looked better than this! I was really surprised at how splotchy and bitmappy the background characters looked.

Once again it is the Create-A-Player feature that is the shining force behind the popularity of this series, and I'd honestly have to say, it is more fun that actually playing the game. That's sad isn't it? But it's such a cool extra that I don't care. I would have paid full price for the option to screw around with this feature and I know I'm not the only one. Your created player can also have a hybrid of anyone's moves, so that you really can make a unique fighter. Other companies take heed. Every game needs a Create-A-Player! Warzone also allows you to create your own Pay-Per-View event. In fact the things that you can create, optimize and alter in this game are astounding. You really have full control this time out.

Attitude ups the ante with over 20 modes of play. Check out this list of matches and see if you aren't impressed: Tag Team, 2 on 1, 3 on 1, Tornado (4 players, 2 on 2 without Tag Team Rules), Lumberjack (2 Players with 2 CPU wrestlers outside the ring just waiting for someone to get tossed out...), Gauntlet (1 on 1 except one wrestler brought 4 friends with him!), Tag Team Gauntlet, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, Battle Royal, War, Stable Match, Triangle, Triple Threat, Steel Cage Match, Weapons Match and King of the Ring. For these 20 reasons alone, it's easy to overlook the gameplay flaws of Attitude and just drool over the phenomonal amount of choice given to you.

Shane McMahon and Jerry Lawler do the two-man commentary and I found it to be dissapointingly detached from the action. It's rarely wrestler specific, and falls along the lines of "Ooh, that's gotta hurt!". It is a nice bonus though. Musically WWF Attitude's soundtrack reminded me a lot of Maximum Carnage (another Acclaim title for the SNES). I thought it was kind of cheesy, not that you'd ever want anything cheesy connected with wrestling... The crowd noises are back and they scream, taunt, cheer and jeer just like the real thing. I still love the "Player 1 ROCKS!" shouts and what not when you are playing with your own character.

Complaint Dept. I'm just not a fan of the control in Attitude. We overlooked it in Warzone because of the all the extras but it is an issue. I found the gameplay so sluggish at times it was as if the little computer wrestlers were actually discussing the moves just like they do in the real ring. It's also very hard to line up specialty moves which makes gameplay frustrating at times. The fact that you nearly have to beat your opponent to death to make him stay down is another bone of contention. You'll have him in the red zone and he'll shake you off like a flea, however if he gets you pinned while you are in the red zone, it's 1, 2, 3 YER OUTTA HERE! Again, I'm being picky, because that's my job. Attitude is great fun, so back off! There I said it.

Given the whole package, Attitude shines bright. How long it stays on top remains to be seen. There are a lot of rasslin' games coming and I can tell you from hands on playing experience that Mayhem is a serious contender. As it stands the game is a lot of fun by yourself or with others, and the options and amount of configuring and creating is mind blowing. But I'd argue that we knew all of this already. For example, how many of you went straight to the Create-A-Player feature right off the bat? I did and I'm betting 99% of you did the same, and so what does that tell you? Sure Attitude has lots of extras and for the vast majority out there that loved Warzone, you'll really dig Attitude. However, take out all the bells and whistles and you are left with a fairly average wrestling game. As far as average wrestling games though, you can't beat the package that this one comes in. Buy it.






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