WWF: Warzone Review

By: John Doe

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This game is what having fun is all about! You donít even have to like wrestling, although it will help you realize what a great job Acclaim did on this game. That felt odd to type that last sentence. I donít remember the last time I said that about Acclaim... Anyway the rumors are true. If you havenít played this game before heading back to school, your friends are going to laugh at you!! So take my advice and try to find a copy and play it. Good luck getting to school on time when you finally do get it.

Graphically this game is all polygons with textured faces which makes for very realistic portrayals of the men and women in tights. These on-screen behemoths really resemble their off-screen counterparts. Itís down right eerie. Not only is the look ultra-realistic but the signature moves are all there. The Irish Whips, the PileDrivers, the Atomic Drop...you name it Warzoneís got it. Weíre talking hi-res graphics with a sweet frame-rate. Even when you get 4 players in the ring the game doesnít slow down.

Gameplay wise you rely on a series of button combos and simple control pad movements to unleash your fury on your opponent. There are a ton of moves per wrestler and once you practice itís fairly easy to get the hang of the moves. We are not talking complicated Tekken 3 combos or Street Fighter control pad sweeps, here. In a nutshell, if youíve seen them do it on tv, youíll make them do it on yours.

All the options you could dream about are in this game too. You vs the computer, tagteam, cage matches, Championships, even 4 player fights.... Tag-team is even a blast in one player mode. If you are unhappy with the options in Warzone, then you are one depressed person!

Letís talk about the tagteam match for a moment. You can choose two characters of course, even ones you created. The CPU picks two opponents and itís off to the races. If you are getting pummeled a quick press of the L2 button near your partner will "tag" him and your wrestler is able to lick his wounds outside the ring until heís called upon. At this point, you now control the new character (otherwise the game would be a tad boring) and you make the crowd go crazy by defending your weaker buddy. If the CPU plays dirty and has both CPU opponents jump in and beat you, you can call upon your partner to help you. Just like real wrestling! You can even take the fight outside the ring, however, donít be tardy getting back into the ring or youíll be disqualified.

Then thereís the ever popular cage match, where everything goes. Slam your opponent into the steel cage to knock some sense into him. If he tried to crawl out of the cage, you can shake him down like the bug he is! He can return the favor so watch out!

Warzone also offers a practice mode which I found to be helpful, although I would have preferred to not have to go to the select button every time I wanted to learn a new move. This is a small yet frustrating price to pay to learn all of your favorite wrestlers moves.

Sound wise this game is great. The crowd sounds great, the voices are great, the music is real wrestler-cheese. The crowd yells out your name, cheers for you and boos for you depending on your wrestlers disposition. If you create a wrestler using the amazing create a player feature (more on that in a moment) the CPU canít call out the name youíve given him or her, but it ingeniously screams out, "Come on Player 1." I found that hilarious. I laughed out loud when I heard it the first few times.

Now on to the create a player feature. This is worth the price of admission alone. The amount of options is staggering. You can choose everything from body size to face, hair, clothes, boots, tattoos, beards, belts etc. Amazing. Once youíve created him, simply save it to memory card and fight! Fight! Fight!!! The more matches you win with your new fighter the stronger and faster he or she becomes.

If you are into secrets youíll love Warzone. Hidden characters, moves etc. Of course the create a player even allows you to create some famous people like Lara and Duke Nukem for your wrestling pleasure. See the Warzone codes on this sight for instructions on this.

I donít watch wrestling or even know that many wrestlers, although my wife went to school with Chris ĎThe Jerichoí Kid. I donít even know who he is (heís not in this game) but I met him. (I know, big deal right. Someone e-mail me and tell me what this guy does okay?) Anyway, the point is that WWF Warzone is a fun game no matter what you are into. Fun is fun right? Everything is done with pure quality entertainment in mind. You owe it to yourself to hunt this one out and buy it. Itís that good. Of course, use your head. If you hate wrestling and hate wrestling video games then donít rush out and buy it just because I told you to. I love that I have to put these little disclaimers in now, because you would not believe some of the ridiculous e-mail I get. Check out my E-Mail Mania page (link below) for the latest, greatest, wackiest, stupidest and most bizarre letters youíll read on the subject of video games. Final analysis: Yep, Buy It.

One more thing. Do you think the little polygon wrestlers in Warzone are just acting?

Final Analysis:

Rating Legend 1-10 (10 being the highest mark)
Overall: 9.5
Graphics: 9.0
Control: 9.5
Music/Fx: 9.5
Frustration: 3.0

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