X-Men vs. Street Fighter Review

By: John Doe

"Pleasure overload. Pleasure overload."

I have been playing this game for a few hours now. Yes, I DO play the games that I review. And you can see by the above quotations that I am experiencing "pleasure overload." Is X-Men vs SF that good? No, not at all. Iím experiencing pleasure overload because Iím NOT playing it. And without sounding like a real smart ass, if feels REAL GOOD not to play it.

X-men vs SF is one of those PlayStation games that should have stayed a good idea rather than a horrible reality. The PlayStation cannot handle this game. The game is jerky, animationís are missing everywhere, the colors are more washed out than MSH, and the gameplay is so old hat now, that there is just nothing new here. The innovative tag-team option introduced in the arcade is nowhere to be found (2 megs of Ram, yada yada yada) instead, you can choose a partner but he or she is only released during supermoves and is controlled by the CPU. Some of the supermoves are so over the top that you donít even control your own character while he attacks the opponent. I felt like I was playing FFVII again!:)

Now, after all of this bitching, remember that the programming team did the best they could. The Saturn Import version is arcade perfect, thanks to the 4 meg ram card, but alas. The PlayStation doesnít have that luxury. Some people will buy this game and absolutely love it, for the simple reason they can play Ryu against Wolverine. Granted that is a nice touch but remember that this game plays more like X-men COTA than a true Street Fighter game. I for one, am just as happy with MSH, which isnít perfect, but it actually plays better than this game in my opinion.

Overall, if you are that much of a fan of this game, buy a used Saturn for $40.00, find the import version and treat yourself! If that isnít an option, then renting IS A MUST before purtchasing. There are other games more deserving of your hard-earned money than this 17th installment of Capcomís SFII engine.

Final Analysis:

Rating Legend 1-10 (10 being the highest mark)
Graphics: 8.0 (large sprites, jerky animation due to cut animation)
Control: 7.0
Music/FX: 4.0 (Iím getting real tired of that rehashed music!)
Innovation: 2.0
Replayability: 3.0
Frustration: 1.0 (another cakewalk courtesy of Capcom!)
Rent or Buy: Rent

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