You Don't Know Jack Review

By: John Doe

Looking for something different? Want to play a game that requires 1-3 players, fast reaction time and a sense of humor? No matter what your tastes, you'll find it very hard not to love this hilarious game from Sierra.


I practically had to beg my wife to play this game with me. My readers know that my wife is rarely a willing Player 2. She did enjoy Pac-Man World though, so I thought she might still be in the mood for a little vid action. I was wrong. Nevertheless, I persevered and she agreed to sit and have "just one game" with me. Well, low and behold if two hours later it wasn't me who wanted to go to bed. She was hooked, and with very good reason: This game is a blast!

You Don't Know Jack is by far the best gameshow video game I've ever had the pleasure of playing. It's rude, crude, has lot's of 'tude, but never stops being fun. 1-3 players can participate, but for Player 3 you'll have to use a multi-tap for best performance. Games can either have 7 questions or 21 questions. My advice? Go for the 21 questions. With two players, the 21 question game is over in about 15-20 minutes, so it's not like committing to the all-night drudgery of Trivial Pursuit. For every round there are 3 topics to choose from. These run the gamut from "Anything to Make Justin Bateman a Star" to "Flushing the Captain's Log". Of course, the topic is never that straightforwardly related to the questions. The MC reads the question, which is worth varying amounts of money, and then 4 answers appear which correspond to the 4 shapes of the d-pad buttons. Players use the L1 or R1 buttons to "buzz in" and then have 10 seconds to choose their answer. If they blow it, then they are docked for the amount that the question was worth. If they win, well, duh, you figure it out. If a particularly difficult question comes up that you know your dim-witted Player 2 could never figure out in a million years, you can "screw-em" by hitting the select button. This forces them to answer the question and hopefully blow it big time leaving you, who is just as big of a stump-head with only 3 multiple choice answers to choose from.

Along with the multiple choice questions, YDKJ throws a couple of exciting games in for more fun. There is the ThreeWay Question. One at a time, seven clues appear at the top of the screen, while three possible answers flash underneath the clue. When the highlighted answer fits the clue, you'll have to buzz in real quick-like to boost your score. Then there is the DisOrDat Question. This is for one player only. You must categorize a list of seven clues. In round one, correct guesses are worth $500 or -$500 if you are stupid. In round two the ante goes up to $1000 bucks per correct answer in DisOrDat. The very last question of each game is the Jack Attack. Pay close attention to the topic, while a word appears in the center of the screen. Other words will appear on the screen that relate to the word and the topic. When you think you've got the best association, buzz in and you just might win some dough or not, dumb-ass.

It would have been nice to have seen the MC instead of hearing his wise-cracking disembodied voice, but the FMV would have never fit on a CD. Other than that, the games production values are high. Each round is preceded by some funky animation and some cool music and/or singing. One of my favorite parts of the game was the ending, when the game was done and the commercials came on. You have to listen to these. We howled.

You Don't Know Jack comes with two CD's to ensure that the game will stay fairly fresh. Let's face it, you won't want to play this game everyday; it's more for when you've got company over. This game is great and is the closest thing to playing a real gameshow at home. No typing in your answer, no stock footage of aging wind-bag Alex Trebek or of wooden-air-head Vanna White, just pure unadulterated fun. Warning: This game is for cool people with a sense of humor only. You know who you are. This is the perfect party game for teens and adults. Highly recommended.






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