AMF Xtreme Bowling


  • Bonus shirts

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding shirt:

      Acid: Win a game.
      Ape: Get a turkey.
      Bear: Win the Beginner Tournament.
      Black Cat: Win the Intermediate League.
      Brit Spot: Win the first Match Challenge.
      Dead Acid: Win the Advanced Tournament.
      Dino: Win the Beginner League.
      Dog: Win the Expert Tournament.
      Flames: Win the Amateur League.
      Gray: Win the Medium Pin Challenge.
      Heart: Win the Expert League.
      Monkey: Win the Intermediate Tournament.
      Peng: Win the Easy Pin Challenge.
      Pig: Win the Championship League.
      Puss: Win the Amateur Tournament.
      Rainbow: Finish last place in League.
      Roger: Win the Fiendish Pin Challenge.
      Stars: Win the Championship Tournament.
      Strike: Get a strike.
      Sull Ball: Win five games in a row.
      Ying Yang: Win the Intermediate Pin Challenge.

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