Arena Football: Road To Glory


  • All teams

    Enter "LFAOPEN" as a profile name to unlock all teams in Play Now mode.

  • Maximum attributes for all players

    Enter "IronMen" as a profile name for all players to have maximum attributes in Play Now mode.

  • Arena All-Stars team

    Convert the first five field goal attempts in the Field Goal Challenge to unlock the Arena All-Stars team. This team includes John Elway, Ron Jaworski, Mike Ditka, Jerry Jones, Tim McGraw, Glyn Milburn, and AFL commisioner David Baker.

  • Classic teams

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding classic team:

      Albany Firebirds: Successfully complete the "Be the Reciever" challenge.
      Anheim Piranhas: Successfully complete the "Kicking" challenge.
      Buffalo Destroyers: Successfully complete the "Jack Linebacker" challenge.
      Charlotte Rage: Successfully complete the "Wall Hit" challenge.
      Chicago Bruisers: Get six touchdowns in one game.
      Cincinnati Rockers: Score two rushing touchdowns in one game.
      Columbus Thunderbolts: Get four touchdown receptions with one player in one game.
      Dallas Texans: Get 300 recieving yards in one game.
      Detroit Drive: Get four interceptions in one game.
      Florida Bobcats: Return an interception for a touchdown.
      Las Vegas Sting: Return a kick for a touchdown (kickoff or missed field goal).
      Los Angles Cobras: Kick a 20 yard field goal.
      Milwaukee Mustangs: Complete a 30+ yard pass.
      Minesota Fighting Pike: Complete a 40+ yard pass.
      New England Sea Wolves: Get a safety.
      New England Steamrollers: Complete five consecutive passes.
      New Orleans Night: Play a game with no interceptions thrown.
      Oklahoma Wranglers: Get four defensive stops in one game.
      San Antonio Force: Get two interceptions by one player in one game.
      St. Louis Stampede: Successfully complete the "Mac Linebacker" challenge.
      Texas Terror: Successfully complete the "Telementary" challenge.
      Washington Comandos: Successfully complete the "Coverage Maneuver" challenge.

    -Some information from: Jonathan Bialstock

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