Cool Boarders 2001


  • Bonus characters

    Successfully complete the various challenges to unlock Tara, Nate, Replay, Max, and more bonus characters.

    Game Shark Codes

    Master Code (Must Be On)EC878228 144837FC
    Infinite Time4CA7A5B0 1456B00C
    High Score1CA7BEF4 17E9C70C
    Unlock All Quick Race Boarders1C8F4984 61DFB00C
    Unlock All Career Boarders1C8F29F8 61DFB00C
    Unlock All Quick Race Events7C8F466C 1458E7A6
    3D988229 1456E7A5
    Unlock All Career Events7C8F29B8 1446E7A6
    3D988229 1456E7A5

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