• Cheat mode

    At the title screen, hold L1 + R1 and press Up, Left, Down, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right to unlock all bonuses. If you entered code correctly, the word "Yeah!" will be spoken.

  • All levels

    Go to the options menu, go to "Change Name", and enter "XOPENSEZ" as a name.

  • Custom Corvette mode

    Win all races in C3 career mode to unlock Custom Corvette mode.

  • Route 66 Challenge

    Win all C5 career mode races to unlock the Route 66 Challenge.

  • Never lose a race

    When losing a race or getting into to a wreck, press Start. Select "Restart Race" and the race will begin again, not be count against you.

  • Get cops off your tail

    When a cop starts to chase you, try to speed as much as possible or take a shortcut. With the 1978 Corvette 25th Anniversary, the cops will catch up with you -- try your best to get away from. Note: This will only work when you race one on one.

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