Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Bonus Stage Boss songs

    Select Game mode, then clear a song on the Expert difficulty setting with at least an "AA" rank on your last stage. This unlocks the Extra Stage, with settings at 1.5x Speed, Reverse Scroll, and Rainbow Arrows. Depending on which song sort chosen when the game was started, one of the following Boss song will be selectable. Choose that Boss song and clear it with at least an "A" rank to unlock it in the shop for purchase.

      Fascination -eternal love mix- (All Music song sort)
      Fascination MaxX (Hard song sort)
      Healing-D-Vision (Medium song sort)
      MAX 300 (Super-Max-Me Mix) (Easy song sort)

    Clear the Extra Stage with at least an "AA" rank to unlock the Encore Extra Stage. Successfully complete the Chaos song with a "Perfect" or "Great" rank, or with a full combo. It can now be purchased at the shop. Alternately, Fascination Maxx can be unlocked by completing "The Last" EX Showdown. Alternately, MAX 300 (Super Max-Me-Mix) can be unlocked by completing the "Nitro" EX Showdown.

  • PizzaBox World

    Get all VIP cards to unlock PizzaBox World.

  • Completing missions faster

    Go to the "Options" menu. Set the game to an option you need to have activated to complete a mission while doing other missions, for example, "Get Bs on all songs" or "Complete 10 songs".

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