Dark Cloud

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Demon Shaft dungeon

    Successfully complete the game and save to unlock the Demon Shaft. The Demon Shaft will be selectable under the "Go To Other Areas" map. The Demon Shaft is an extremely hard dungeon, with 100 floors.

  • Get across a town faster

    If you want to get to a place in walking mode faster, enter edit mode. Move the pointer to your destination and exit edit mode.

  • Ultimate weapons

    Use the Build-Up command instead of Status Break to get the best weapons in the game. Status Breaking will only take away 40% of your weapon's power. Use the Status Break only when getting special abilities for your main weapon.

  • Gems

    The following is a list of Gems (weapon attachments that take one space but do multiple things) and what each does:

      Garnet: +10 Animal, +10 Rock, +10 Fire, +5 Attack
      Pearl: +10 Undead, +10 Thunder, +10 Endurance
      Ruby: +10 Mimic, +10 Fire, +10 Speed
      Sapphire: +10 Flying, +10 Wind, +10 Magic
      Amethyst: +10 Mage, +10 Dino, +10 Ice
      Opal: +10 Mage, +10 Steel, +10 Endurance
      Peridot: +10 Plant, +10 Animal, +10 Holy, +5 Attack
      Aquamarine: +10 Sea, +10 Flying, +10 Ice
      Topaz: +10 Undead, +10 Flying, +10 Speed, +5 Attack
      Turquoise: +10 Rock, +10 Mimic, +10 Ice
      Emerald: +10 Dino, +10 Plant, +10 Magic
      Diamond: + 5 vs. All Creatures, Extra +5 vs. Steel

    Game Shark Codes

    Master Code (Must Be On)EC8393F8 1445ACCC
    Infinite Gilda (Money)4D5C5BB6 1456B00C
    Infinite Dagger WHP4D5C5D8E 14562509
    Infinite HP Toan4D5C1682 1456089C
    Infinite Speed Toan4D4BC7EE 145625DD
    Infinite Water Toan4D5C5B76 145625DD
    Max HP Toan4D5C1676 1456089C
    Max Dagger Level4D5C5D7E 1456300C
    Max Dagger WHP4D5C5D8C 1456E78C
    Max Dagger Stats1D5C5D84 1473E788
    1D5C5D88 1473E788

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