Driving Emotion Type-S

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Bonus cars

    Win the Autocross 2 to unlock the Mazda RX-7 FC3S and the Toyota Sprinter Truno GTV. The recommended car to use is the Mitsubishi Pajero Super Exceed with acceleration, soft braking, and hard spring settings.

    Win the Autocross 4 online training mode to unlock the Toyota MR2. The recommended cars to use in this race is the Ferrari F-50 or one of the race model NSXs or Skylines.

    Game Shark Codes

    Master Code (Must Be On)EC8BC158 1456E60A
    Start on Final Lap3CD79692 1456E7A1
    Start on Final Lap in GT Class3CAA70B2 1456E7A1

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