Hasbro Family Game Night


  • My Room unlockables

    Successfully complete the indicated task in the listed game to unlock the corresponding collectible in "My Room":


      Carpet: Sink all ships in Salvo with four turns.
      Chair: Sink a ship longer than 3 units without missing.
      Clock: Win a game with two adjacent ships still afloat.
      Coat rack: Hit a ship on your first turn.
      Lamp: Win Salvo with your submarine still afloat.
      Mug: Win a game of against a friend.
      Picture: Win twenty games of Battleship.
      Pillow: Play Super Weapons, and use all weapons in one game.
      Poster: Sink your opponent's destroyer before any of their other ships.
      Slippers: Play Super Weapons, and do not fall for a decoy.
      Statue: Win while keeping at least three of your fleet afloat.


      Carpet: Uncover 75% of the available words in Boggle.
      Chair: Won Boggle with twenty 3-letter words.
      Clock: Finish a game of Boggle scoring only 5-letter words.
      Coat rack: You spelled a 9-letter word in Boggle.
      Lamp: Win ten games of Boggle with Portal Cubes turned on.
      Mug: Win one game of Boggle.
      Picture: Win fifty multi-player games of Boggle.
      Pillow: Score ten 3-letter words in one round of Boggle.
      Poster: Win a total of five games of Boggle.
      Slippers: Shake the Boggle box for longer than ten seconds.
      Statue: Score five 6-letter words in one round of Boggle.

    Connect 4

      Carpet: Win Connect 4 with a horizontal line of seven pieces.
      Chair: Connect 4 in under two minutes.
      Clock: Connect 4 in under thirty seconds.
      Coatrack: Win 50 games of Connect 4.
      Lamp: Win Connect 4 by connecting five pieces.
      Mug: Win a game of Connect 4.
      Picture: Win a game of Power Chips by using all of the Power Chips types.
      Pillow: Draw by filling the Connect 4 grid.
      Poster: Win ten games of Connect 4.
      Slippers: Win four single player Connect 4 games in a row.
      Statue: Win five multi-player games of Connect 4.


      Carpet: Use Sorry! on an opponent within one round of them using Sorry! on one of your pawns.
      Chair: Send two pawns of each color back to the start in one Sorry! game.
      Clock: Win a Sorry! Multi-player game in under ten minutes.
      Coatrack: Use a yellow slide in Sorry! to send an opponent back to the start.
      Lamp: Win at Sorry! without sending a green pawn back to the start.
      Mug: Win one game of Sorry!.
      Picture: Win at Sorry! after moving one pawn of each color back to the start.
      Pillow: Finish Sorry! without sending any of one teams' pawns back to the start.
      Poster: Win five multi-player games of Sorry!
      Slippers: Use all the Sorry! bonus cards in one game.
      Statue: Send an opponent's pawn back to the start in Sorry!

    Sorry! Sliders

      Chair: Knock out one pawn of each color with one slide.
      Carpet: Win Sorry! Sliders without sending any blue pawns home.
      Clock: Win Sorry! Sliders in under five minutes.
      Coatrack: Win a game of Sorry! Sliders without falling into the instant Sorry! target hole.
      Lamp: Knock four pawns of the same color out in one game of Sorry! Sliders.
      Mug: Finish a game of Battle Boxes without collecting any power-ups.
      Picture: Win twenty games at Sorry Sliders!
      Pillow: Finish a game of Sorry! Sliders having used all the power ups.
      Poster: Win a game of Sorry! Sliders without being sent back to the start.
      Slippers: Play Sorry! Sliders for a total time of one hour.
      Statue: Use the Sorry! Sliders ice pawn ten times.


      Carpet: Roll a small straight starting with 1.
      Chair: Roll a full house with only 1s and 2s.
      Clock: Roll a large straight ending on a 6.
      Coatrack: Roll a Yahtzee with all 6s.
      Lamp: Play Yahtzee for over an hour total.
      Mug: Win one game of Yahtzee against a friend.
      Picture: Win fifty games of Yahtzee.
      Pillow: Fill a Chance category with a score higher than 24.
      Poster: Win five games against a friend.
      Slippers: Shake the Yahtzee dice for more than ten seconds.
      Statue: Roll three Yahtzees in one game.

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