Kengo 3


  • Play as Blacksmith

    Defeat 100 consecutive opponents at any tea house to unlock Blacksmith.

  • Play as Ikumatsu

    Unlock the "Path of Blood" ending to unlock Ikumatsu.

  • Play as Katsu Kaishu

    Successfully complete 100 Kills mode to unlock Katsu Kaishu.

  • Play as Kiyokawa Hachiro

    Successfully complete the Formation Of Shinsengumi event to unlock Kiyokawa Hachiro.

  • Play as Okita Soji (alternate)

    Successfully complete 1000 kills mode to unlock Okita Soji (alternate).

  • Play as Saigo Takamori

    Successfully complete the Heroes Of Satsuma event to unlock Saigo Takamori.

  • Play as Takuan

    Successfully complete 108 Earthly Desires mode to unlock Takuan.

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