Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Infinite ammunition

    Pause the game and press L1, R1, Square(2).

  • Level select

    Successfully complete the game on the normal or hard difficulty setting to unlock an option that will allow you to pick any level in the game.

  • Grenades

    When on any level and there are two enemies talking to each other, throw a grenade (for example at the beginning of the Think Like A Gun level). They will not even look to see what it was because they will be distracted.

  • Shooting enemies

    The best way to kill someone is to pull the trigger when your crosshairs are red.

  • Shooting hidden enemies

    Some enemies hide in areas where you cannot shoot them. Throw a grenade at them and they will jump out of hiding. When they jump out, they will land on the ground on their stomachs. They will require a few seconds to get back up. Before they do, aim and shoot them or they will go back and hide again.

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