Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Play as Mometsuto

    Successfully complete the game to unlock Mometsuto as a playable character.

  • Bonus levels

    Collect all six stars in a level to get a doll. A bonus level will be unlocked after you have accumulated eight and sixteen dolls.

  • Music test

    Successfully complete either bonus level to unlock songs in the music box option.

  • Boss battle

    Successfully complete the fairground levels to unlock a new area that allows you to battle previously defeated Bosses.

  • Picture gallery

    Successfully complete the fairground levels to unlock an option for a picture gallery.

    Game Shark Codes

    Master Code (Must Be On)EC8DB168 1426F134
    Infinite Lives3CA1EB80 1456E788
    Infinite Health3CA1EB78 1456E7A3
    Infinite Air4CA1EB9E 1456F025
    Momett Doll Bells3CAA3CA0 1456E7A3
    Low Time in Attack Time Mode0CA1EBAC 1426E605
    1CA1EBAC 1456E7A6
    All Stones on Sea Of Tears Level3CA488B9 1456E70C
    All Stones on La-Loosha Level3CA488B6 1456E70C
    All Stones on Joilant Fun Park Level3CA488B7 1456E70C
    All Stones on Jungle Slider Level3CA488BC 1456E70C
    All Stones on Underground Factory Level3CA488BD 1456E70C
    All Stones on Volk City Level3CA488BA 1456E70C
    All Stones on Volkan Inferno Level3CA488BB 1456E70C
    All Stones on Ishras Ark Level3CA488C0 1456E70C
    All Stones on Chamber O'Fun Level3CA488C9 1456E70C
    All Stones on Mts. Of Mira-Mira Level3CA488C1 1456E70C
    All Stones on Maze Of Memories Level3CA488BE 1456E70C

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