Legaia 2: Duel Saga

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Note: This game is also titled Legend Of Legaia 2.

  • Special FMV sequence

    Remain idle for one minute at the title screen and a special effects scene will start.

  • Infinite Heal Leaf

    Immediately after you get to the town of Darakin Citadel and are able to go outside on the main world map, go back to your home town of Nohl. Talk to Maxwell, the man standing in front of a building to the left of the item shop. He will challenge you to a game of "Sidejump". Play this mini-game, and every time you get the high score you will get a Heal Potion. Every time you defeat him, you get a Heal Leaf. You can play and defeat him as many times as desired. Maxwell only gets a count of 20 jumps, so if you get 21 you will get a Heal Potion. If you beat your high score by 1 (22 jumps), you will get another Heal Potion. Beat your score by 1 jump each time and you can get about 20 Heal Potions. After you beat your high score as many times as you can, every time you play against Maxwell and beat him, you will get a Heal Leaf.

  • Point Card

    Inside of Nohl's hospital (the large house you start in), go to the far right of the house. Inside the drawer in Hawke's room is the Point Card, with unlimited attacking power.

  • Ayne arts

      Soaring Axe: Press Left(2), Right(2), Down, Up (variable 2)
      Armageddon Star: Press Up, Down, Left(2), Right(2) (variable 1)
      Axe Crush: Press Up, Left, Down, Left, Right (hyper)
      Power Blade: Press Down, Right, Down (hyper)
      Raging Warrior: Press Right, Up, Left, Up (hyper)
      Firestorm: Press Left, Down(2) (hyper)
      Galeforce: Press Left(2), Up (hyper)
      Solid Blow: Press Down, Right(2) (hyper)
      Full Impact: Press Right, Left, Up, Down
      Tidal Wave: Press Up, Right, Down, Left
      Shockforce: Press Down, Right, Left
      Whirlwind Attack: Press Left, Down, Up
      Earthrazor: Press Right, Up, Down
      Disaster Master: Press Up, Left, Right

    Game Shark Codes

    Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
    EE90245E BCD5368A
    Infinite/Max MoneyDEBF3336 C19E7B82
    In-Battle Codes
    Infinite/Max HP Character 1CEBD81A2 BCA9C292
    CEBD815E BCA9C292
    Infinite/Max MP Character 1CEBD81AE BCA9C292
    CEBD815A BCA9C292
    Infinite/Max AP Character 1FEBD8102 BCA99B47
    Infinite/Max HP Character 2CEBD81D2 BCA9C292
    CEBD808E BCA9C292
    Infinite/Max MP Character 2CEBD81DE BCA9C292
    CEBD808A BCA9C292
    Infinite/Max AP Character 2FEBD80B2 BCA99BE7
    Infinite/Max HP Character 3CEBD8002 BCA9C292
    CEBD803E BCA9C292
    Infinite/Max MP Character 3CEBD800E BCA9C292
    CEBD803A BCA9C292
    Infinite/Max AP Character 3FEBD80E2 BCA99BE7
    One-Hit Kills EverythingCEBD87E2 BCA99B84
    CEBD869E BCA99B84
    CEBD8612 BCA99B84
    CEBD86CE BCA99B84
    CEBD8542 BCA99B84
    CEBD857E BCA99B84
    Lang Codes
    Max HPDEBF47CE E3B8C292
    Max MPDEBF47CA E3B8C292
    Max APCEBF47E8 BCA99A82
    Max ExpDEBF19B2 C19E7B82
    Max LevelFEBF1848 BCA99BE6
    Max StrengthCEBF47D6 BCA99E6A
    Max Defense HighCEBF47D0 BCA99E6A
    Max Defense LowCEBF47D2 BCA99E6A
    Max IntelligenceCEBF47DC BCA99E6A
    Max MentalCEBF47DE BCA99E6A
    Max AgilityCEBF47D8 BCA99E6A
    Max CharismaCEBF47DA BCA99E6A
    Max WeightFEBF47EE BCA99B82
    No Weight CarriedFEBF47E9 BCA99B83
    Have All NicknamesDEBF19AE 7CA9BA82
    DEBF19AA 3BA89A82
    Have All ArtsDEBF18AE BEAAB483
    DEBF18AA C2AE9F86
    DEBF18B6 C6B2A38A
    DEBF18B2 CAB6A78E
    DEBF1846 BCC2B39A

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