Maken Shao


  • Andrei

    Defeat Andrei in level 1, and do not brainjack Goulnaba in level 2.

  • Badelaire

    Go left on the train tracks in the Lyon level, talk with Badelaire and brainjack him.

  • Goulnaba

    Brainjack Goulnaba in level 2.

  • Lee Fei Shan

    Enter the bazooka room in the Hong Kong level. Go up the stairs to the left and brainjack Lee Fei Shan.

  • Marguerite

    Successfully complete the Vienna level with Rumrod. Use the panel and defeat Marguerite.

  • Rumrod

    Brainjack Rumrod in the sewer area of the Amsterdam level.

  • Sam Smith

    Successfully complete the London level with Badelaire, then brainjack Sam in the tower.

  • Shaja

    Successfully complete the Taj Mahal level with Lee Fei Shan, use her memory to enter Shaja's room, then defeat him.

  • Youthfu

    Defeat Youthfu in the Mecca level.

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