Megaman X: Command Mission

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Note: This game is also titled Rockman X: Command Mission.

  • Action figures

    Go to the Figure Vending Machine in Access Tunnel E-1. Enter one of the following passwords at the special figure slot to get the corresponding prize:

      Axl: 38184155
      Axl (DNA changing pose): 91327856
      Cinnamon: 92106548
      Cinnamon (Iron Maiden): 19837556
      Marino: 02098772
      Marino (Quicksilver): 87352041
      Massimo (Dymonion): 47722361
      Megaman X: 73001472
      Megaman X (victory pose): 44162918
      X-Armor: 19690831
      Zero: 29290141
      Zero (Black): 72443102

  • Action figures (Japanese version)

    Go to the North Square of Central Tower. Enter one of the following passwords at the special figure slot to get the corresponding prize:

      Axl: 44527839
      Axl (DNA changing pose): 46925056
      Cinnamon: 10950508
      Cinnamon (Iron Maiden): 31415926
      Marino: 20040729
      Marino (Quicksilver): 19780506
      Massimo (Dymonion): 82536252
      Megaman X: 19670801
      Megaman X (victory pose): 78523511
      X-Armor: 32603260
      Zero: 33515937
      Zero (Black): 69203600

  • X's Ultimate Armor

    First, get the Tianna Key for the the locked door in the Tianna Camp. Then, go to the locked door and open it. Inside you will fight a Boss that is accompanied by two Belladonnas. Defeat them, and after the fight break the red crystal to get X's Ultimate Armor Hyper Mode.

  • Lagrano Ruins Key

    To get the Lagrano Ruins Key, you need to use the Deployment Center. Keep deploying your robots until they can find the key. After a few times, you will see it listed on the right-hand side of the screen when you check on the returned robots. After going through the door in Largano Ruins, you will find a secret item/force metal/weapon shop. Additionally, after you can deploy robots, go around leveling up your bots. Send your best bots to the Largano Ruins. After some digs you will get the Largano Key. Look around for a locked door. In the door, you will go up a set of stairs. Pick up the items and the robot. When you get to the top you will find three people. You will be able to buy some of the best weapons, items, and Force Metal, but you will need alot of Zenny to get the best out of your trip.

  • Absolute Zero Hyper mode

    First, complete Chapter 8. Then, repeatedly deploy well-chosen units to the Melda Ore Plant in order to gain the Melda Key. Once you gain the key, go to the Melda Ore Plant and open the previously locked door (once you teleport there, go inside the plant and enter the locked door instead of entering the first elevator). Continue through the new area until you encounter a duck-like enemy. Defeat him and break the purple crystal behind him to gain the Absolute Zero Hyper mode. It should not be too difficult to defeat the enemy -- just continue to use X's and Zero's current Hyper Mode and Action Triggers and make sure you do not attack him with an element he is currently absorbing (a message will appear at the top of the screen whenever his absorbing element changes). Defeating this enemy is a lot easier than defeating the enemy which guards X's Second Hyper Mode.

  • Defeating Bosses

    Save the game before battling a Boss and go back to Hunter Base to refill your subtanks and LE. Use Analyzer to learn their weakness and you can inflict double damage. A recommended starting group is X, Cinnamon, and Zero or Marino, X, and Zero. Fire is weak against Water/Ice. Water/Ice is weak against Thunder. Thunder is weak against Fire.

  • Defeating Preon Nurse

    Find a Preon Nurse in any unit. Destroy all enemies except the nurse. When the nurse is the last one remaining, steal its Reboot and Tank Energy 10. While you wait for its turn, keep using Zenny+ attacks on it. After the first turn of the nurse, it will say that it surrenders will use All Life 25 on your party. Then, destroy the nurse in order to get the Zenny bonus that you put on it before it attacks again. If you do not destroy it after it heals you, it will use an attack called "Then Thanks" and run away, giving you nothing.

  • Megaman Battle Network reference

    Go to the Sky Room and look at the Giga Citizens poster. There will be a flag-like object that a Reploid is holding. In the top right-hand corner, you will see a small yet noticeable Proto Man head from the Megaman Battle Network series.

  • Challenges and rewards

      Buy 100 items: Tree Trunk Room sketch
      Buy over forty main weapons: Nana sketch
      Fight over 100 battles: Mouse Mech sketch
      Fight over 500 battles: Yellow Scarf
      Play for 25 hours: Force Metals sketch
      Achieve over 100 critical hits: X ninja version sketch
      Activate over 100 final strikes: Retro Mech figures
      Save 50 times: Save Process sketch
      Defeat over 100 Enigmas: Preon special figures
      Defeat over 100 Mettaurs: Mettaur special figures
      Defeat over 100 Preon-type enemies: Preon Army sketch
      Defeat over 100 enemies: Preon special figures
      Defeat over 500 enemies: Preon special 2 figures
      Defeat over 1,000 enemies: Preon special 3 figures
      Reach level 30 with X: Support Mecha sketch
      Get 50 Force Metal recipes: Force Metal ore
      Get over 100 critical strikes: X Ninja version sketch
      Get over 150 consecutive hits: X's Armor sketch
      Get over 10,000 experience points: Water Curtain sketch
      Obtain over 50 Force Metal recipes: Force Metal Ore sketch
      Spend over 100,000 Zenny: Teleport Device sketch
      Gain over 100,000 experience points: Mini Mech figures
      Use over 100,000 FME in the generator: Cinnamon's Secret sketch
      MAX attack over 9,999: X's guns sketch
      Play game for 10 hours: Justice sketch
      Talk to pedestrians over 100 times: Swarming Armada sketch
      Use Action Trigger over 100 times: X Flying version sketch
      Deploy Mechaniloids over 50 times: Trajectory of Battle 2 music
      Perform an attack with over 9,999 damage: Guns sketch
      Complete deployment recovery: Hunter Base sketch
      Complete figure sets 1 through 10: The Deadly Trio! sketch
      Complete the game: Final Confrontation video
      Collect all figure tokens: Glass Passageway sketch
      Collect all sketches: Purple Scarf
      Collect all ten posters: Proto Crab Mech sketch
      Collect all field items: Mega Man sketch
      Collect all background music files: Duckbill Mole sketch
      Collect all video clips: Rafflesian sketch
      Collect all Disc files: Dr. Psyche sketch
      Collect all Mechaniloids: Giga City sketch

  • Optional Bosses, enemies, and rewards

    Rafflesian (joined by two Belldonnas)

      Level: 77
      LE: 31500
      Shield: 65
      Speed: 70
      Fire Damage: 100%
      Water Damage: 100%
      Thunder Damage: 100%
      Rewards: 10,000 Zenny, 22,000 experience, 3,000 FME
      Dropped items: Tank Parts (100%), Figure Token (100%), X's Ultimate Armor (in room)
      Steal items: Build LE, Force Tomahawk (both 25%)
      Note: Restores LE and grows a little in power each turn.
      Location: Tianna Camp; requires Tianna Key from deployments.


      Level: 44
      LE: 20500
      Power: 115
      Armor: 60
      Shield: 60
      Speed: 100
      Rewards: 2,000 Zenny, 4,000 experience, 600 FME
      Dropped items: Turbo Clock, Resist (both 100%)
      Steal items: Force Missiles, Build Speed (both 25%)
      Note: Restores LE every turn and grows in attack every time it is attacked.
      Location: With Rafflesian

    Duckbill Mole

      Location: Melda Ore Plant; requires Melda Key from deployment.
      Note: Zero's Extra Hyper mode is in the room.


      Location: Central Tower 999F shaft; requires Central Key obtained when Chapter 10 is completed.
      Note: Restores about 10,000-20,000 LE each turn.


      Location: Room after Onetail
      Note: There may be two of them. Element shifter; Analyzer and Force Metal recommended.


      Location: Room after Twotails.


      Dropped items: Zero's Red Lotus Saber (his best weapon)
      Location: Room after Threetails.
      Note: Has extreme power and has the same defense as Scarface.


      Location: Room after Fourtails, appears in a trio.
      Note: Watch out for self-destruct.


      Location: Room after Fivetails.
      Note: Must be defeated before tenth turn, when he fully recovers.


      Location: Room after Sixtails.
      Note: There are two of them. They recover LE every turn and get stronger every time they are attacked


      Location: Room after Seventails.
      Note: There are two of them, have full elemental attack range. When one is defeated the remaining one summons another. After defeating Eighttails, the next room is a special figure token room. Make sure you heal and save for the next battle.


      Armor: 90
      Shield: 95
      Speed: 140
      Drops: DNA strand for Axl and his Ancient Gun weapon
      Location: One or two rooms after Eighttails.
      Note: Occasionally uses Regeneration to recover 25% of your party's health. Watch out for the Nine Fragments move, which hits nine times and does 699 to 999 LE damage with each hit. He also recovers over 10,000 LE each turn.

  • Axl's DNA strands

      Wild Jango: Defeat him in the Central Tower Chapter 2.

      Silver Horn: Defeat him in Tianna Camp Chapter 3.

      Mad Nautilus: Defeat him in Gaudile's Lab Chapter 4.

      Mach Jentra: Defeat him in Ulfat Factory Chapter 5.

      Incentas: Defeat him in Gimiala Mine Chapter 6.

      Depth Dragoon: Defeat him in Far East HQ Chapter 10.

      Raflesian: Defeat her in Tianna camp by using Mechaniloids to get the Tianna key.

      Ninetails: Defeat him in Central Tower once you have the Central Key. Note: To get the Central Key you must complete the game.

  • X
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