The Mark Of Kri

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Invincible Rau

    At the "Press Start" screen, press Square, Circle, X, Square, Circle, Square, X, Circle, X, Square, Circle, X. If you entered the code correctly, Rau will say "Faahu". Enter the "Cheats" section at the Sage, and the last card will be Invincible Rau. Press X to activate the code.

  • Full health power

    At the "Press Start" screen, press X(4), Square(4), Circle(4). Health power-ups will all be 100%.

  • Infinite arrows

    At the "Press Start" screen, press X, Circle, Square(2), X, Square, Circle(2), X, Square(2), X. -From:

  • Stronger opponents

    At the "Press Start" screen, press X, Circle, Square(2), X, Square, Circle(2), X, Circle(2), X. -From:

  • Weak opponents

    At the "Press Start" screen, press X, Circle(2), Square, X, Square(2), Circle. -From: and

  • Disable arena AI

    At the "Press Start" screen, press X, Circle(3), X, Square(3), X, Circle, Square, X.

  • Weapon select

    Find each Tuku on all levels to unlock an option at the Sage that allows you to use any weapon on any level.

  • Arenas

    Successfully complete all of the challenges in a level to unlock that level's arena.

  • Extra costumes and art

    Successfully complete the arenas by completing all challenges for both time attack and body count to unlock extra costumes and art.

  • Manual animation

    Flip through the pages of the instruction booklet from the back to the front. There is an animation of Rau performing a stealth kill in the lower right corner.

    Game Shark Codes

    Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
    EEA5CF26 BCDF4372
    Infinite HealthDEA13BC6 BCA99B84
    Infinite ArrowsDE86BA5E BF899B8B
    DE86BA5A BCA99B83
    Frozen AIDE82ADAE BF899B8B
    DE82ADAA BCA99B83
    All Challenges CompleteDEA16E2A BCA99B84
    DEA16E3E BCA99B84
    DEA16EC2 BCA99B84
    DEA16ED6 BCA99B84
    DEA16EDA BCA99B84
    Turbo ModeDEA13E26 FC75674D
    DEA13E22 FE4C728D
    DEA13E36 FE619CE8
    Press Select + R1 to Walk Through Walls01EE1544 BCA99281
    DE85CF06 BF899B8B
    01EE1544 BCA99281
    DE85CF02 BCA99B83
    Press Select + R2 For Walk Through Walls Off01EE1544 BCA99881
    DE85CF06 E3669A43
    01EE1544 BCA99881
    DE85CF02 BB5B9BA3

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