Monster Hunter

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Town of Hunters

    Successfully complete all offline quests.

  • Item duplication

    This trick requires two players. First, have player one take an item such as an Immunizer, Mega Juice, Mega Nutriment, Max Potion, Sm Bone Husk, etc., (all Rare 3 and under). Player two must have an empty inventory. Start a quest that is very easy to finish, such as "It's Party Time". When the quest begins, have player one give all the items to player two. When player one has no more items, have him abandon the quest. Player two should finish the quest. By abandoning the quest, player one will keep their items, and by finishing the quest, player two still have the items received. Do this a few times and you will be able to get easy money by selling the items.

  • Easy money

    Once you get the money to buy a BBQ Spit, buy it, then go to the Quest Level 1 missions and do Mission 1. Get ten pieces of Raw Meat. Cook eight pieces of Well Done Meat, then take the other two pieces to the Deliver Box. As soon as you complete the mission and return to your village, go to the woman at the fruit stands. You can sell her Well Done Steak for $48 each. Additionally, go on the fishing level 1 mission. Get ten worms out of the supply box and fish in the fishing hole near the base camp. When you run out of bait, get the rest of the worms and go to the fishing hole in Zone 11. Use the rest of the bait there. You can sometimes get more than $1,000.

  • Recover health on a mission

    If you are out of potions and low on health while on a mission, just find the hut that you start at and press X by the bed. Your character will sleep and recover health.

  • Getting good weapons

    Buy an Iron Hammer Upgrade it to Iron Hammer +3. Get eight Medium Monster Bones, nine Small Monster Bones, one Large Monster Bone, and one Monster Fluid 4. Upgrade to Bone Axe. 5. Upgrade it to Bone Axe +6. Upgrade it to Bone Broadaxe. This weapon has an attack of 831. Note: All of these weapons together cost $23,310.

    Get two small monster bones from the monsters. This can be done in the first level, but if you want to get the sword immediately after the level do not spend $50 before the first level. Then, go to the weapon crafter and have him create the bone sword. It is slow but is incredibly strong.

  • Cephalos or Cephadrome hunting

    When hunting Cephalos or Cephadrome, make sure to have Sonic Bombs. Time your throw correctly, so that the bomb explodes on top of the monster. Since they are in the sand, they will be thrown out and momentarily stunned, giving you time to hit it. Also, Small Barrel-Bombs work as well, but they must explode just when the monster is under them. Another thing that works is hitting them with a great sword.

  • Prepare for monster attacks

    Try to be prepared to lure a monster to its death. Set traps in multiple places around your village. When a monster is spotted, lure it towards traps. As the monster goes past, have a teammate shoot the traps. They will blow up, injuring or killing the monsters.

  • Worms for fishing

    Go to section 11 in the first and second star question. Go to the white round flat rock and press X. You will keep getting worms for awhile.

  • Kut Ku Scales

    Kut Ku Scales can be found in area one during level one and two star missions. Go down the hill. Near the edge of the water in one of the corners are some piles of dung. Search them. Every other time you will get a Kut Ku Scale, which can be sold for a high price.

  • Defeating the Kut Ku

    If you are an Archer, lure the Kut Ku into area 7. Kill the Velociprey and climb onto the ledge. It cannot hit you, but you can kill it easily. This works best with Crag shots. If it runs away just lure it back in.

  • Vespoid parts

    Vespoids are the little bugs that are annoying to kill. Most of the time they will explode when they die, leaving no pieces to carve. To get easy Vespoid and Hornetaur (beetle) pieces, get a Hunter's Knife and upgrade it to a Hydra Bite so that it adds poison. With that weapon, when you hit the Vespoids you will poison them and they will most likely drop to the ground, leaving behind a carcass to carve from.

  • Item combinations

      Ancient Potion: Kelbi Horn + Immunizer
      Antidote: Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom
      Antidote Flute: Flute + Antiseptic Stone
      Antidote S: Antidote Herb + Huskberry
      Antiseptic Stone: Earth Crystal + Bitterbug
      Armor Flute: Mega Armorskin + Med Monster Bone
      Armor S: Huskberry + Armor Seed
      Armorskin: Catalyst + Armor Seed
      Arrowana Bait: Cricket + Bugbopper
      Bomb Material: Sap Plant + Stone
      Catalyst: Honey + Bitterbug
      Clust S level 1: Huskberry + Bomberry
      Clust S level 2: Sm Bone Husk + Wyvern Claw
      Clust S level 3: Lg Bone Husk + Scatterfish
      Crag S level 1: Huskberry + Burst Arrowana
      Crag S level 2: Sm Bone Husk + Burst Arrowana
      Crag S level 3: Lg Bone Husk + Bomb Arrowana
      Demon Drug: Catalyst + Power Seed
      Demon Flute: Mega Demondrug + Med Monster Bone
      Demon S: Huskberry + Power Seed
      Disk S: Huskberry + Diskstone
      Dragon S: Lg Bone Husk + Dragon Seed
      Drugged Meat: Raw Meat + Sleep Herb
      Dung Bomb: Bomb Material + Dung
      Dung S: Dung + Huskberry
      Flashbomb: Bomb Material + Flashbug
      Goldfish Bait: Fire Fly + Snakebee Larva
      Gunpowder: Fire Herb + Nitroshroom
      Healt Flute: Flute + Lifepowder
      Herbal Medicine: Cactus Flower + Bitterbug
      Lg. Barrel Bomb: Gunpowder + Lg. Barrel
      Lifecrystals: Godbug + Wyvern Fang
      Lifepowder: Lifecrystals + Wyvern Claw
      Max Potion: Mega Nutrients + Dragon Toadstool
      Mega Armor Skin: Armorskin + Pale Extract
      Mega Demon Drug: Demondrug + Khezu Extract
      Mega Juice: Power Extract + Well-Done Steak
      Mega Nutrients: Nutrients + Honey
      Mega Potion: Potion + Honey
      Net: Spiderweb + Ivy
      Normal S level 2: Huskberry + Needleberry
      Normal S level 3: Huskberry + Rumblefish
      Nutrients: Blue Mushroom + Godbug
      Paint S: Paintberry + Huskberry
      Paintball: Sap Plant + Paintberry
      Pellet S level 1: Huskberry + Scatternut
      Pellet S level 2: Huskberry + Wyvern Fang
      Pellet S level 3: Sm Bone Husk + Wyvern Fang
      Pierce S level 1: Huskberry + Velociprey Fang
      Pierce S level 2: Huskberry + Pin Tuna
      Pierce S level 3: Sm Bone Husk + Pin Tuna
      Pitfall Trap: Net + Trap Tool
      Poison S level 1: Toadstool + Huskberry
      Poison S level 2: Sm Bone Husk + Loprey Fang
      Poisoned Meat: Raw Meat + Toadstool
      Potion: Herb + Blue Mushroom
      Power Juice: Catalyst + Rare Steak
      Recov S level 1: Herb + Huskberry
      Recov S level 2: Potion + Huskberry
      Sleep S level 1: Huskberry + Sleep Herb
      Sleep S level 2: Sm Husk Bone + Sleepyfish
      Sm. Barrel Bomb: Fire Herb + Small Barrel
      Smoke Bomb: Bomb Material + Ivy
      Sonic Bomb: Gunpowder + Screamer
      Stun S level 1: Stunshroom + Huskberry
      Stun S level 2: Sm Bone Husk + Genprey Fang
      Tainted Meat: Raw Meat+ Stunshroom
      Tuna Bait: Worm + Vembug

  • Bonus Urgent quests

    The following bonus Urgent quests can only be unlocked in offline mode by creating one of the indicated pieces of armor or completing a quest. You do not need to make the entire set or wear it.

      Terror Of The Gravios quest: Create a Cephalos armor piece.
      Handle With Care quest: Complete the Terror Of The Gravios quest.
      The Runaway Diablos quest: Create a Monoblos armor piece.
      The Shadow In The Cave quest: Creat a Vespoid armor piece.
      A Troublesome Pair quest: Complete all quests and secret quests.

  • Movies in gallery

    Successfully complete the following Five Star or Urgent quests in offline mode to unlock the corresponding gallery movie:

      Diablos Ecology movie: The Runaway Diablos
      Gravios Ecology movie: Terror Of The Gravios
      Hall Of Heros movie: Horn Of The Monoblos
      Khezu Ecology movie: Best The Shadow In The Cave
      Plesioth Ecology movie: Aater Wyvern In The Desert
      Rathian Ecology movie: Slay The Rathian

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