Monster Rancher EVO



Note: This game is also titled Monster Farm 5: Circus Caravan.

  • Completion bonuses

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Moving" option at the "Sched." menu and Nameless Cloister.

  • Monsters

    Anger ManagementDVDRock Dragon (Dragon/???)
    Burnout RevengePlayStation 2 gamePaper Dragon (Dragon/???)
    Charlie And The Chocolate FactoryDVD Maidchi (Mocchi/???)
    Donnie DarkoDVDRoborabiV (Hare/???)
    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai TenkaichiPlayStation 2 gameMiyabiyakon (Ducken/???)
    Dragon Quest 8PlayStation 2 game Normaya (Maya/???)
    Final Fantasy 7: Advent ChildrenDVDGurlok (Dragon/???)
    Final Fantasy 10PlayStation 2 game Sky Henger (Hengar/???)
    Futurama Volume 1DVD (Disc 1) Clockdog (Tiger/???)
    Guitar HeroPlayStation 2 game Orchestron Beaklon (Beaklon/???)
    Katamari DamacyPlayStation 2 game Sampler (Plant/???)
    Kingdom HeartsPlayStation 2 game Silver Piroro (Piroro/???)
    Lego Star WarsPlayStation 2 game Garu (Garu/???)
    Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The KingDVD (Disc 1) Butcher King (Golom/???)
    Megaman X CollectionPlayStation 2 game RoborabiV (Hare/???)
    Monster Rancher 4PlayStation 2 game Haman (Maya/???)
    Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl DVD (Disc 1)Pieripper (Ripper/???)
    PsychonautsPlayStation 2 game Sky Henger (Hengar/???)
    RygarPlayStation 2 gameButcher King (Golem/???)
    Shadow Of The ColossusPlayStation 2 game Han (Zan/???)
    Spider-Man 2 (Widescreen)DVDJellnico (Jell/???)
    Star Wars: Clone Wars Vol. 1DVDGaru (Garu/???)
    System Of A Down (Hypnotize)Audio CDBloodastra (Naga/???)
    Tony Hawk's American WastelandPlayStation 2 gameButcher King (Golem/???)
    TraptPlayStation 2 gameTokoBot (Hare/???)
    Ultimate SpidermanPlayStation 2 game Kung fu (Pixie/???)
    WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006PlayStation 2 game Butcher King (Golem/???)

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